One kind of ultra-low thermal conductivity airgel high flame retardant insulation board

Application Publication No.: CN107663103A Application Publication date: 2018.02.06 Application Number: 2016106192930 filing date: 2016.07.27 Applicant: Wizards Tianjin Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Summary: one kind of Aerogels ultra-low thermal conductivity high flame type insulation board, nano silica aerogels as the main material, adding additional filler composite. It has excellent insulation properties. The average thermal conductivity at normal temperature room temperature 0.012? 0.019W / M, K, when used in high temperature environments insulation performance more prominent. The present series of different materials may be respectively the maximum tolerable 450 ℃? 1000 ℃ of high temperature, low temperature range close to absolute zero. The unique burn-through type fire-resistant properties. This is a conventional plate type high-temperature insulation materials do not have. This material may be drilling, cutting, crimping without causing great damage to the body, with a knife which can not release any gas processing at elevated temperatures or organic, and for the environment also has a certain level of certainty, so this is insulation material merchants unanimously recommended construction materials.