Oros Orion Parka airgel keep you warm

You may have heard of before Aerogels – the world\’s lightest solid and one of the best insulator. NASA has been added to the Airgel insulation spacesuit in. According to foreign media reports, the outdoor clothing company Oros recently launched a $ 300 Orion Parka jacket, which uses insulation materials \”by the NASA-inspired\” . So why not every apparel companies have to get used airgel insulation effect? It is very fragile, like broken glass under the same pressure. It also tends to disintegrate in water. Oros Orion Parka airgel keep you warm but Oros claims to have solved these problems. Its proprietary \”Solarcore\” technology claims to maintain the insulating properties of aerogels, while having flexibility, water resistance, durability and breathability. Of course, existing coatings have exhibited similar characteristics. Oros think it can create a warmer coat. Foreign media correspondents Napier Lopez after trying that, for a coat with the lightest thing in the world is made of, its weight is not light. However, this weight is not a problem for most people, but if you want a long winter walk or marathon running, may not be a good choice. Oros Orion Parka airgel keep you warm second: This jacket is thin, it is much thinner than normal and a warm coat. However, Lopez did not feel like \”walking marshmallow.\” So how this jacket to keep warm effect? Lopez feel this is more than warm goose down jacket waiting for him to pass through before. Orion Parka significantly better than his Uniqlo down jacket, so that he no longer felt cold.