Paper \”change\” tasteless airgel

Recently, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at College of Engineering, National University of Singapore Duong Hai Minh research team led by the world\’s first successful convert waste into green fibers airgel. The new fiber airgel non-toxic, ultra-light, flexible, very strong and waterproof and can be used to clean up oil spills, heat insulation and packaging areas, but also can be used as drug delivery coating materials and a variety of biomedical applications Smart Materials. 废纸“变身”无毒无味气凝胶 The team also succeeded in converting the waste paper processing to aerogels become more environmentally friendly. Energy consumption of the manufacturing process is reduced by 70%, the resulting water vapor less polluting emissions, dioxins chlorine bleaching processes use less, and faster – the whole process takes three days. The new fiber airgel super high oil absorption capacity. The airgel methyl trimethoxy silane coating is a water repellent, oil absorption is 90 times the dry weight, the efficiency is equal to four times the commercial oil sorbent. Further, they may be by extrusion, it is absorbed over 99% recovery of crude oil. The new fiber is also used as a building airgel insulation material. The airgel fiber waterproof properties so that it can be used for drying weather and rain, the structure remains stable over a period of about six months in a tropical climate. The airgel fiber is very tough, can improve the strength of the building. In addition, these lightweight aerogels and very thin, can reduce the thickness of the wall, thereby increasing the building space. NUS engineering team developed these new fibers airgel or bring about change for the packaging industry. Bubble wrap and other plastic packaging materials may be environment-friendly biodegradable fibers and advanced airgel foam airgel nanosheet substituted. Biodegradable aerogels have a large surface area and high porosity, also be used as intelligent materials and coating materials for drug delivery. The research team also found a way to expand the load-bearing capacity of the airgel fiber: fiber airgel fiber metal nanoparticles injected into the solution. And hit flat airgel fiber, removing most of the air, to produce a film with a magnetic. No methyltrimethoxysilane airgel fibers having water-absorbing coating layer, it is possible to absorb and retain large amounts of polar fluid, such as water and alcohol. Thus, they can be used for products such as sanitary napkins and baby diapers. Furthermore, aerogels can also be compressed fiber stuffed by treating gunshot wounds, stab wounds and other deadly. The sponge in the wound expansion, 20 seconds to generate even more pressure to stop bleeding and prevent fatal within a short time of heavy bleeding, can greatlyImprove survival. The team has filed a patent application for their invention in the United States, China, India and Southeast Asia.