Parity graphene airgel electrocatalyst air battery – which can be used in rechargeable zinc

Rechargeable Zinc – air battery, with early to achieve the desired cost commercial application. April 8, reporter learned from the Central South University, Professor Lei Yongpeng school team developed a rechargeable zinc which can be used – graphene airgel air battery electric catalyst, the cost is only platinum, iridium and other precious metal catalyst one-tenth, but performance can be compared. Relevant results, published in the April 5 internationally renowned academic journal \”American Chemical Society Energy Express.\” Introduction Leiyong Peng, zinc – air battery, lithium ions than the market, lithium iron phosphate batteries are more \”high\”, the theoretical energy density of lithium is 2 times, 8 times the lead-acid batteries. \”Lithium ion batteries available in the market use an organic electrolyte solution, and the internal short circuit easily, there is the risk of explosion, improper use of zinc – oxygen in the air to air battery positive electrode active material, in order to enrich the earth reserves zinc anode active material, an aqueous solution as electrolyte, non-explosive, raw material costs are much lower than the lithium ion battery is a high energy density, safety and environmental protection, low cost, and renewable battery no pollution. \”一种可用于可充式锌-空气电池的平价石墨烯气凝胶电催化剂 the team catalyst the design and performance of the battery to achieve a breakthrough: graphene oxide with carbon nitride and graphite nanosheets as main raw material, a self-assembled hot water, freeze dried and heat treated to prepare a pyridine nitrogen enriched doped graphene airgel catalyst and assembling a rechargeable zinc – air batteries, battery energy density as high as 872.3 Wh kg-1, after the 234th charge-discharge cycles, no significant attenuation properties, exhibits excellent discharge stability. Rechargeable Zinc – air battery main advantages: First, zinc reserves abundant on earth, an aqueous solution as electrolyte dangerous one, there is no possibility of explosion. Cost price compared to lithium ion batteries, the other affordable raw materials. Third waste lithium ion batteries will cause environmental pollution. The Central South University professor successful development of rechargeable zinc – air battery, the battery life is now, the application is very extensive, mobile phone, remote control, new energy vehicles, electric vehicles and so on. These are the people closely related things, such rechargeable zinc – air battery, the successful development of the future is to bring more business value, life will bring us more convenience.