PhD really that important to you? Dr. Chiao Tung University on pro-described research mentality, won high praise 40000

Said Du Bo is like a gamble, \”a red door into the deep sea, from the slightest help people.\” Also occasionally exposed doctoral depression, and even suicide and other negative news. But why have so many people waging choice Ph.D. study every year, doctoral degree really that important to you ? Recently, almost know the one called \”Time Planning Bureau,\” the blogger, he did answer in this issue. With the most plain language, spoke about his master\’s degree from depression, the researchers discovered the New World, and then pursue a Ph.D., postdoctoral give up, and work, work, hardships and harvest along the way. 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 His story touched, inspired many users, the first answer (deleted once) will embrace by nearly 40000 approval. 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 and even many users have said that they know almost see on the best story . 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 So, in the end is what kind of answer, so users are encouraged so far? Qubit authorized, put together this article content to share with readers.

doctoral education is really important to you?

by reason of a way to convince people to accept your point of view, it is often difficult, then I\’ll talk about my own story, very long, to express, are in it. Time to pull back six years ago, the first snow of 2004, earlier than the past come. My brothers, senior sister apprentice crouched cold Oh laboratory, looking at the front of that a new machine, crunchy coating with ABS resin after being melted out. For Kenichi me, everything is so new and high-end. Our research is a project of Ministry of Education instructors, mechanical parts based on RE (reverse engineering, reverse engineering) and RP (rapid prototyping, rapid prototyping) rapid design and manufacturing. I never expected that, after twelve years, that is, around 2016, this technology suddenly fire up, for a group called \”3D print\” name, became the technology can change the world, make a PPT parts can quickly get ten million investment. But all and I missed, because in the summer of 2005, the brothers led the senior sister apprentice successfully published four core journal articles, but I have not had time to hands-on, instructor of successfully concluding the project. 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 Then he and other instructors cooperation, the project got a cow roaring of 863, twenty million funding, my \”3D printing\” of hopes dashed, forced to change jobs. But I wrote a message to Yang Shuzi academician, and he explored the RE / RP technology prospects, he also encouraged me to doing it, whining, bye-bye. Teacher patted my shoulder, told me not to be discouraged, the greater the ability of people to assume greater research tasks. I feel he is in the flicker, but I have no evidence, just very sorry I took a year, enough experimental data published in two papers. That is my effort Yeah, finally I reluctantly put data to the Master of the college, another project to ensure the success he graduated, he was very grateful to me, asked me to eat a meal at school back door pickled fish. That pickled fish shop and then walk 200 meters north, the Yangtze River is wide, the river fish is delicious, it is worth every one of us graduated from here, and lifelong memories. The day goes on, I clean up the mood, turning 863 research projects. But at that time I did not know that this project, it profoundly changed my later life. In 2005, I was involved in the 863 projects can be quite trendy and cutting-edge, that I am responsible for part of the research, the need for preparing a high-performance, low surface roughness, nano-magnetic thin film of (NiFe, CoFeB and the like), set up a stable femtosecond laser pump – probe (pump-probe) experimental platform, and with the write data acquisition software Matlab data processing and calculation, fast transient dynamics by studying interactions soft magnetic thin film and a femtosecond laser effect, to lay a solid theoretical and experimental foundation for the development of future-oriented terahertz devices. This mechanical manufacturing and automation of me, just look ignorant, like Granny Liu into the Grand View Garden, too high too exciting, but also because they do not know what to feel a deep sense of inferiority. Driven by this inferiority complex, hard to force my day started, consecutive year and a half, I did not return before 11 pm dormitory had been doing only three: literature search, to experiment, to write Matlab . 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 There are so three months time, I have been in a depressed state, hard to do it because of the experimental data, there is always a shock and abnormal noise on the waveform, I kept making films by magnetron sputtering method, over and over again to check pump-probe platform, over and over again to check data acquisition softwareFinally, I broke down, because there is not any problems found, were all seems normal. More than three months later, I almost have to the depression, and also from time to time and his girlfriend quarrel, everything is dark, you can not see hope. It was a very casual afternoon, I continue to wear clean clothes, repeating the experiment in the clean room of the laser platform in an attempt to find the root cause of problems and optimization. Clean room has a closed glass window, there is a window Young sitting in front of computers with hard work. I stared at the neurotic data acquisition interface, do not pray Tragedy, but concussion and clutter, or to the party, entrenched in the experimental data interface. Repressed lab, I clearly heard the loud sound of her face, flap flap, dizzy, see stars, loneliness and despair, that moment, I would like to have a dead heart. Suddenly, someone shouted the name of Young\’s outside the laboratory, said his girlfriend on the outside waiting for him, this somewhat reckless guy, suddenly stood up and ran out, and then the tragedy happened, he kicked his foot that desktop computers the chassis power, bulky CRT display about extinguished. Young shouted raped, because his computer is equipped lab top, which are constantly running simulation programs, chassis and monitors are not allowed to put up a piece of paper every day closed, the shutdown, ran 7 ~ 8-day simulation process, most of them destroyed. I went to the window and knocked in two steps, watching Young gray face, he forced a smile, separated by glass saying \”mentor is estimated to cut me up, several people are waiting for my simulation results do\” I was full of sympathy but did not know how to comfort him, watched him slowly went out. I take two steps back, they began to observe the results, I found that actually had a miracle, from two minutes ago, that I came to see Young accidentally turn off the computer at that moment, the shock and noise on the waveform data is gone, smooth ride close to perfect, the signal response to a step mutations also fall as high dive like the perfect curve, which is hard to trace the results I want a year, ah, I am excited to cry, okay? 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 looking at the display is extinguished Young, I understood why this waste CRT displays, rear electromagnetic radiation will produce a large, generally have no influence, but my pump-probe experiments, need good electromagnetic shielding, laser lock-in amplifier, oscillation, weak interference signal acquisition can not stand a CRT display. Soon the tutor CRT significantlyShows the liquid crystal device have been replaced, all the computers are moved out purification laboratory, laboratory back wall installation of the electromagnetic shielding net, but also to the Young\’s top computer installed with an uninterruptible power supply backup, to prevent him then turn off the computer. Later postgraduate level, there is no suspense, I got a lot of perfect data support findings, research the road as hanging open in general, made quite a few papers before graduation also received a job offer SCI journal Physica B\’s. Even though only factor affecting less than 1, but the master to send SCI journal papers, issued only in Chinese core journals and conference papers of EI Mechanical College, still caused a great sensation, instructors feel quite face. Will be able to graduate with my eyes closed, relaxing state of mind, not a fight with his girlfriend. But soon I encountered a new confusion, though I experimentally verified phenomenon of ultrafast femtosecond laser dynamics and interactions of magnetic thin films do exist, but there is the physical mechanism behind it, and what specific direction can be applied to, I totally do not understand, I do not know where the theoretical basis of the experimental results. I went to investigate and mentor, I think he felt too much, and he said it was related to the basic disciplines, I just see the surface, it does not delve into it. But at that time, I went through the research process inside Columbus discovered the New World ecstasy, I\’ve fallen in love with this feeling, I want to thoroughly understand all this behind ah. I want to continue to cling to the teacher, he got a new subject, no time to talk to me, I dropped a word, trying to thoroughly understand the theory, it would read Dr. October Kenzo, we have to start looking for work, and those who study molds, precision machining, electrical control of the students, and soon were getting several offer, my only interview, SAIC to schools in recruiting, there are brothers SAIC\’s mid-level leadership, we come back to the interview. Turn to interview me, he took a can of Coke, said, \”The Young a few minutes you can put this model to do it?\”, I smile a little, I said, Pro / E and CATIA did not learn ah, I studied the magnetic thin film and femtosecond laser to go. Your brother smiled and said this is too high, we do not need to be so esoteric, and then I was brushed off. So high-end research, work is certainly not easy to find, interviewed this time, I never had to interview, because I have already checked well, there is a national research group study the magnetic thin film and MEMS chip direction, I also there and called several times to exchange, I wantAnswer those potential electromagnetic mechanism, where you can find the answer. Master\’s stage come to an end, the story of Dr stage more exciting. 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 examination, re-examination, received the admission notice, bid farewell to the master\’s mentor, Master bid farewell to his career, Dr. phase begins. I am very pleased that this really is the place to find the answers, the research group of a few cattle, proficient in electromagnetic theory calculations, there are proficient in the preparation process of the film, there are proficient based film production MEMS chip, really too cool, college as well as a 3-inch silicon chip line, which under the theory to the test and then to the specific chip manufacturing, are complete. Anyway, I do not know what other people are feeling, I feel like entering Ali Baba\’s treasure, I continued the master\’s style periods, dove into the laboratory, not how to think out, like a sponge to absorb nutrients, to others constantly ask. On the basis of the master stage I based soft magnetic properties of NiFe and CoFeB film material is getting better, not only I magnetron sputtering machine, I have learned to use the vapor deposition apparatus, an epitaxial equipment, silicon etching equipment, etching apparatus and ion beam sputtering, lithography, electroplating equipment, sintering furnace, an ion implantation apparatus, SEM (scanning electron microscope), XRD (x-ray diffraction), the VSM (vibrating sample magnetometer) like a series equipment. Laboratory equipment management teacher, I received regarded as close disciples, and if he has something at night, after work regarded keys to me and let me off the water purification electrical room, morning and then opened the laboratory long ago past. Laboratory equipment add up to hundreds of millions, to me, it is really a trust, which makes me than others have more time and freedom to experiment, to accelerate the process of my research. And I followed the brothers learned Shredded Maxwell\’s equations, I have played more than 100 pages of papyrus, above all handwritten calculations for solving Maxwell\’s equations, I used to solve high-frequency soft magnetic thin film magnetoresistive change of Maxwell\’s equations as well as with the external magnetic field and electric field response curve changes, and the result can be directly fit the experimental results, the similarity is very high, then the theory can be used to optimize the parameters calculated to guide experimental work. 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 There was a reluctance index rate of change, and I can study the same research group several major global direction of a showdown, they often do 30%, 40% did not take me long to send the results of the paper , and then lookTo 65% of their published papers, and I\’ve done 80%, and later according to the parameters of the theoretical model to get, I do not prepare the way film, replaced by a higher permeability thin strip material, indicators can actually do to more than 200%, resulting in several foreign competitors are jealous, they quickly follow changing material, a paper, and we compete. I enjoy this process super middle and they will exchange chat messages, like two boxers Health Warning race, the rest of the gap is still the exchange of protein powder you what brand ah, you usually eat beef or pork ah like , I feel both fun and funny. In the summer of 2008, my thesis is the most productive period. My experiment is progressing smoothly, the hands of the data is very rich, my first thought was Physica B, after all, I\’m old customers, I dug out when sent to the editor written papers before e-mail, the message added, I changed to the effect that the new research environment, with new research progress in the hope that some important results shared with colleagues around the world in their papers, and then I said, you should know that Beijing is now open the Olympic Games, I hope you pay more attention to this event and enjoy the happiness brought about sports, then I put the paper submission number is also sent to him, hoping that he can pay attention to and deal with. Unexpectedly, after less than one day, my editor sent back an enthusiastic e-mail, thank my concern for their journal, and said his favorite watch diving and gymnastics competitions, told a few I do not know the name of the athlete, the most critical is, he said, received my submission, and will let my colleagues as soon as possible. Then, my SCI papers from submission to this modification to accept only 26 days, you said that foreigners do not speak of private feelings? I think they must be talking about, after all, are the people there, and you talk well, and do your paper work is decent, expedited issued to you, that is, they require little effort to do. Foreigners are also about feelings, this discovery had a great influence on me, every time I have to find a contributor editor or deputy editor-mail chat, the results of the 2008 summer vacation, I get three SCI papers. 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 sometimes are watching the Chinese team\’s game, won when blood boiling, an e-mail alert pop up, is the core of SCI journals Notification of acceptance, the kind of wonderful, exciting, vertigo sensations, people who do not do research never find, it may feel like after drug abuse. But drug use is short, death, andScientific achievement brings joy is eternal, health. This kind of life more than a year, once and mentor chat, he said, had been thinking about doing a simple device in addition to the pursuit of performance, he wants to apply the device to a specific direction, open up a field of application, but a few years down, he could not find the right direction, if such a direction is found, he would like to send an Applied physics letter paper, this is a small wish when he was young, but we have not achieved. I listened to my heart a shiver, which is how I and in recent months in the lab all right blind pondering the idea of ​​so consistent it? I also wanted to do this thing, ah, I was wondering for a lot of specific programs ah, you do not ask I do not know how to say ah, I try to help you send dreams APL good ah. Plus I usually also concerned about the entertainment news, Leslie was not suicide a few years, Anita Mui died of cervical cancer are also suffering, because I \”Rouge\” like two stars, was melancholy for a long period of time. I read a foreign reports, Anita Mui\’s death was because of cervical cancer HPV virus can not do early screening and genotyping, there are many subtypes of HPV, the most deadly of six kinds, each species corresponding treatment and medication should be differentiated, so any death will not do early screening (because the concentration of the content of the earlier virus in body fluids of very, very low), after screening out not to be accurate typing, also because less symptomatic treatment of delayed treatment. These things I have thought about a lot of days, I have been thinking how to solve this problem today, mentor since the initiative to bring, I immediately full of excitement and mentors talk about two hours, and my specific protocol and how to detect He spoke again. After the teacher has been listening to laugh, he also felt that I could speak well, ask me how come these ideas, I said I consider these things every day, ah, in fact, he does not know is that I do this in February and biological testing another student talked to dozens of times, he said, for each HPV subtype there are already specific markers, and each of the markers known only to a corresponding one of the subtypes, turn a blind eye to everything else, it is a marker like tentacles, as will tightly grasp it recognizes that a subtype of the virus cells. Within my heart shouted FML, ideas to: I magnetic nanoparticles modified with a virus to the cell surface, is divided into regions with different detection microfluidic chip, each zone is not modifiedWith labels, each label corresponding gripping region different HPV subtypes cells, cells which carrier or grasping region is large, magnetic nanoparticles on which of multiple regions I to detect which of these sensors magnetic type regions stronger, it can not detect what kind or what kinds of HPV virus in a body fluid sample contains yet? PCR amplification and mature technology yet undetected problems can be solved early viral cell concentration is very low, so as to solve problems early screening. 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 how to do performance sensors, how etching microfluidic chip, how to make magnetic nanoparticles, how the modified markers in the detection region of the microfluidic chip surface, how the surface-modified nanoparticles virus cell, how PCR amplification, how to deal with detect weak magnetic signals, two of my classmates a cooperative, all get ah. Excited, excited, I suddenly found a master stage feeling Columbus discovered the New World, I carefully checked the literature, global scientific circles, are they not people use this sensor we have done such a study, the teacher approached me to talk , I just put the idea come clean. Instructor continue smiled at me on the spot approved a 100,000 budget, let me buy all kinds of supplies began a whole. In 2009, I am very busy throughout the year, according to previous thinking, the tests carried out very smoothly, we go, published the findings in the APL, editor of the kind words we have a lot to thank his choice words like journals. Anyway, is not important, I have celebrated toast and mentor, and I helped tutor completed the research group published APL wish. Tutor asked me the next idea, I said that our high-performance sensors, in addition to detect HPV, can also detect cancer cells in gastric cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and other markers can be identified, can be early detection screening and typing, I to publish like hanging open like a paper. Went ahead in 2010, we turned to the detection of gastric cancer cells, improved microfluidic chip and sensor structure, higher levels successfully published two papers, one of which is published in the Rapid Biosensor & Bioelectronics, this year the magazine impact factor 6.5, then not so much now irrigation, impact factors have now broken the 10, JACS felt the pressure. In fact, according to the normal development path, I am going to become a research expert, holding a lot of high-quality papers, the way to apply for a bunch of patents, undertake various national research project. But life is always full of change, who can say it clearly, there are two things happen to me the next direction in life had a profound impact. In 2010, there were two very important things to me, the first thing is no longer a basic school leaving doctoral graduates to teach, and that made my mentor Unfortunately, we had planned so I stayed, and then in the new field something big, because the three-year period, I have made eight SCI core journals in order to make a status, coupled with the cooperation of others, a total of 14 papers, cumulative impact factor of more than 40, and the hands are doing experiments and related results, enough recurrence 7-8 high-level papers, and even dampen Nature materials sub-Journal (Journal ultimate God in materials application, impact factor 40), are possible. With words of mentor, someone I can be a top research group add up the results, but now the policy has changed, I\’m not staying in school, and he felt very sorry. He suggested that I go abroad after Du Bo, then come back to school, I have experience abroad, staying in school to meet the qualifications. Because it was those few and I are competitors of the research group, has been chasing my progress, but also follow me steering sensor detects the direction of the biological, the person in charge of the three Task Force gave me write the message, France, United States Spain also invited to do a post-doctoral research, then you can consider leaving teach. Face invite suggestions and several foreign research group of instructors, I chose to give up, because I do not want to continue to do research, I want to change direction in life. Let me have this idea of ​​reason, is derived from an online conference I attended in early 2010, is a sensor that international forum in Singapore, because I did not win financial support, to the scene did not participate. By video, I watched the Japanese scholar called Mohri, and made a speech on the magnetic sensor chips, this speech just left me with a huge shadow, so I understand there is day, and people. Actually, this is called Mohri scholars, before the device has been studied and we like to do, then we turn biological detection applications, they have no voice. Because I did a little work on biological detection, made a few papers, began pondering this thing should be able to industrialization, but we build experimental platform of bulky, the signal processing circuit are PCB board-level, high-frequency excitation signal It is to buy a heavy impedance analyzer also send a signalGenerator, full to the brim entire experimental system accounted for half of the laboratory. However, this Mohri professor, quiet years, he had found Japan Aichi Steel invested in him, the sensitive sensor unit, signal processing, impedance matching, high-frequency signal excitation, electromagnetic shielding and other modules, all integrated into the overtaken a 2mm * 2mm chip inside the package, and then to supply Japan\’s mobile phone manufacturers, cell phones started doing electronic compass and magnetic azimuth detected. 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 The talk made me whole person is collapsed, 2mm 2mm area * is the size of my sensitive sensor unit, while the other part, I spent half the area between laboratories, but all people are integrated inside the chip and it has been a research and development stage, and has been a supplier to the mobile phone manufacturers, and have applied for a patent lot. Although my performance than monolithic a big difference, but the application in the mobile space, people Mohri product is good enough, I can only use a lot of heavy equipment, to do a variety of bioassays and then brush the paper, from actually becomes integrated products, there is still one hundred thousand light-years away. I began to doubt the significance of my research, I engaged in applied scientific research, we should be like Mohri, the achievements into tangible products, to promote the progress of a particular industry, but look at me that a lot of heavy instrument, but also a kind of deep sense of powerlessness, even then cattle, I am a person can not get it, this is a systematic project ah. Aichi Steel to Mohri configure the R & D team of 50 people, engineers covering all areas of electronics, semiconductors, sensors, chip packaging, but what I have, and I\’m a lonely mantis, arm raised high, but could not advance the cause of wheel. But the opportunity is always reserved for those who are prepared, 2008 I inadvertently do one thing, in 2010, when I was faced with a choice in life, come into play. I have said before, the good and laboratory equipment teacher relations at the basic pipe Labs, I will use, by chance, I met a brother already graduated, he came back to school to do some experiments on ceramics doping and sintering material things, that almost no two people with broken equipment, like garbage left there. I heard that I would use, have graduated to find my brother, gave me some samples, let me help him to do the experiment, I have a key laboratory, after 10 pm, the others are gone, I am a person to stay, while making my film sensor, while helping teachersBrother do sample. September 2008 to 12 months, 4 months, I made six batches of samples, brother thanked me, asked me to eat a meal of pickled fish (remember the master of engineering students also asked me to eat pickled fish right?), and then told me a very exciting story, I hope he can do so in this direction. I see the fate of God waving at me, challenging his finger in one direction, so I rushed to challenge the unknown difficulties. Brothers gave me a sample of ceramic chip, it is a very good product direction, in 2007 the state should implement motor vehicle emission control, all cars must force the installation of the factory, but at the time, the world\’s only Germany, the United States, Japan, the three companies have related technical reserves, China is destined to this market monopoly by others. 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 brothers to sample precisely in this direction, he commissioned me to do a sample, tested several agencies, the performance is quite good, then, to find a suitable foundry partner, to put this ceramic chip mass production then the product through the integrated package design, the signal transmission, thermal protection, anti-vibration, and other mechanical fastening means to integrate with the chip, the end product made using matching engine. Several companies of foreign technology blockade, the core chip technology no one can reach it, not foreign sales, can only do it on their own. My brothers and only made the first edition of chip products, but also need to optimize production, but also involves follow-up to the package design and match, we know nothing about them. For a full range of things, only to front-line of a foreign car company to work in the engine department, responsible for the development but also just this one product, it may be as a customer, understand these things. But easy to say, where there are so right opportunity, a big car company, just the engine department has vacancies for new product development? By chance, godsend, in December 2010, a line of international brand car companies, engine research and development jobs, have jobs dedicated to the development of new products, and after consultation brothers, I did not hesitate to cast a resume, crisp was hired, wages for newly graduated doctor is also quite good. I can not let school, tutor to compensate me, let me graduate early, and also helped me to win the outstanding university graduates and as outstanding thesis, I am very grateful to him, learned a lot of science and research methods from him spirit, I will never grateful. Before leavingWhen the teacher alone, and I had a long talk, he said something, I feel very good interpretation of the meaning PhD: obtain a doctorate is not the end, does not mean you can later successful than others, but can represent a Ph.D. that as long as you want, you can do almost all of the world, there are things tech. So, I bid farewell to Dr. mentor, bid farewell to the road of scientific research, embarked on an unknown journey, but I do not have any hesitation, I want to pursue something, the longer the campus. Unknowingly has a 8,000 words, PhD come to an end, but the experience of the graduate school will be more exciting. Look at how a mortal life on the road step by step practice, it was all true story, and share with everyone. In 2011 began to work the first 2 years, and I just entered the doctoral work of the same, in contact with and absorb new things every day, because the core chip has been made out, I quickly understand various technologies assembly products details, and I\’m wondering every day if I let the development and production of this product, I should be how to improve, do better. After 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 for 2 years, each time to suppliers, they are a little afraid of me, because my questions they have not answered the beginning, they did not dare in front of me there is no concealment and false data, the product I understand the depth has exceeded them. To the end of the third year, I think about it, this post has no more allow me to learn something, and I talk a bit and brothers, planned the first four years out of the car company, to open their own business. But before leaving, there are two things must be done: 1 and foundry work together, the problems of our core chips production consistency and stability of the solution, to enhance the yield of more than 90%; 2 I must own formation of entrepreneurial teams, then go to institutional investors, to get the angel round of financing. The first one is a technical matter, it is always able to solve, we work overtime, a lot of moving bricks, gradually to achieve mass production of standard, but the second thing, I began to rip off, Liu grandmother into the Grand View Garden again and did not know how to do it, only to find information slowly learning to prepare. I was impressed that there is an e-book, called \”give you a million, you can do\”, which has a section called Business Plan (BP) of 21 military regulations, special thanks of Mr. Charles Li, and I brought him I was talking about, step by step operation, when finally made aSince that time very satisfied, but now looks more garbage first edition of BP. Then I prepared a variety of information, learning and performance showcase product test reports, established technology / quality / procurement / production management team, depicting market outlook to others, financial analysis, profit forecast to do, to do cash flow budget, do SWOT, with a 1-year period, at a friend\’s introduction, there are two angel investors\’ money in place, thanks to gold master Daddy, you can feel free to dry. 2015 I officially leave from the company, last year I feel very sorry director, I often late and leave early, to prepare for their own affairs, but executives still tolerant I endured a year, probably because other people can not professional and profound managing so many sensors it. Before he left, the competent colleagues and eat a meal pickled fish (the third meal), I wish the best for the future director, I wish he will stop there so I do not obedient subordinates. Then he seemed to receive my inspiration, I left three months, Ma also slipped departure, quit to go to the south bank of Hangzhou Bay, is said to pay more than doubled. By 2015, my brothers and chips already can be stabilized production, and I based on the previous four years of work experience and a lot of improvements to optimize integration, in 2016, finally has made entirely out of their own product assembly, and a series of applications build on the progress patent. 2016 took place in two significant influence things, I might do an angel round of financing when told too many times BP, leading to significantly improve my speaking skills, talk like a project eloquence will not do. I took a leading talent project appraisal, gushing introduced to a lot of expert judges, the products, the originality, the chip is independent property rights, but also a huge market prospects, the company set up a year they begin to have sales revenue, the project achieved reply good ranking, it took three million government funding for the early start played a very good replenishment. The local government can see me so to speak, good products, they encouraged me to participate in the province\’s innovation and entrepreneurship competition, I went to speak but also a meal, got the second place, the leadership is very happy, and then the province gave the city the company reward, provincial and municipal leaders met me, but also kept to the company visits, gave a lot of support. 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 Their attitude is very sincere, we could see that the core technology, the sense of the kind of entrepreneurs heartfelt respect and encouragement that I and all of them became very good friends. Our goal is the same, all want the industry to do as soon as possibleBig, breaking the monopoly, I can gain success, they can get a successful business, improve employment, tax driven, driven gather talent. This positive interaction situation has become a common phenomenon in China\’s coastal provinces, so that more technology-based enterprises to grow up, it is China\’s industrial restructuring success must do. The second major event of 2016 came, I remember that day was a Secretary for Science and Technology Bureau and I about time, he said that every year the Ministry of Science will organize a national innovation and entrepreneurship competition, I get a good ranking in the province, they decided I recommend the National innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Secretary straight face and I said, has been four years, he recommended local businesses, no one passed the preliminaries and the semi-finals. I asked about how many the game, the Secretary said that the provinces recommended to enter the national race, basically every major industry in accordance with 1000, the preliminary national tournament in 1000 from 100 companies selected to enter the semi-finals, then the semi-finals 10 selected from 100 finals, after two 10 into 1, fundamental remaining 10 companies are very powerful, and we can not fight championship and third place. I say leadership, ah, you think I\’m more able to blow, he recommended me to participate, so brutal knockout, I did not end ah. Leader laughed and said you this doctor really rare, technical experts, eloquence and in full flight, not nervous, I like you ah. Say tension is false, when I was a person carries the package, get high-speed rail to participate in the contest, and my heart is frightened. 1000 people from across the country, and leave me can not find where to go, completely unremarkable. But when I prepared to PPT, has been echoed Dr. instructors say, a paper, a report, a project, the core of the creative soul that you make it clear that the best innovation is not what you do than others well, but you do what others have not done, creating a field. My product, into the world is certainly not something original, because there are three giant foreign companies have made out, but put within China, no one except me has done ah, I decided from this point of view began to speak. When the game is divided into a group of 10 companies, PPT finished the first pass, I kill to the group from 1000 the enterprise out into the semifinals; PPT finished second time, I once again to the group from 100 enterprise to kill them, go to the finals, this time, only 10 of the companies.Surprisingly, the finals the night before, in the hotel\’s conference room, the teacher led the competition, our 10 companies are brought together, he said some words of congratulations, let us cheer like. Then very seriously said, you 10 selected candidates are PhD countries want in the next 10 years, experts from the local selection of ten thousand talents, appeared in the \”million program specialist,\” This is no way to do, the state should upgrade to scientific and technological power, no panel of experts, are empty, but more than the million \”people planning experts\”, is a leader in scientific and technological power, the country urgently needs you. The invite you to come to the meeting, just wanted to tell you that you have a Ph.D, if tomorrow into the top three, the ministry has a contest channel, you recommend to the Central Organization Department, and then after a respondent selection, you can appeared in the \”million program specialist,\” I hope you will seize this precious opportunity. Teacher\’s remarks had finished, I looked at the other nine guys, as if the eyes are red, and who have been emitting a faint murderous look tomorrow desperate. I could not help a cold heart, but also very quickly pretend murderous look, not to lose them on the momentum. We recall the murderous, I have been scared to sleep at night, I always feel that in accordance with the routine before the preliminaries and semi-finals, they talk about innovation is not enough, to have some more things to impress people. I turned out a few sample chips, tiny in his hand, like much, but full of sense of technology and the stench, I stared at them watched an hour, I decided that I no longer just emphasize innovative, and I want to say a sensational story about the chip. After 12 hours, I came in sixth overall appearance, listening to the host transitions introduction, I stood up from the position, accompanied by the applause in the field came to power, PPT served on a huge screen in the spotlight the immediate focus, I do not see anyone in the audience, as if I had returned to the laboratory at night 12:00 of the school, the quiet only one person I keep fighting with. I chip from his pocket, held in the hand, today, I\’m going to tell you the story of a chip, this record of my 8-year small objects youthful memories, and it was holding me, even feeling heavy, I remembered all these years of hard work, struggle, frustration, loss, hope, joy, excitement, stimulation, at this moment, concentrated 8-minute speech, to share with you now. I no longer remember the details, just remember myself finished, bowThanks, trance in the audience to see a lot of people stood up in the endless applause that lasted half a minute not stop. Time frames in 10 contestants ended his speech, on the scoring screen my name in second place, I rubbed his eyes, yes, I was second in the finals. Ministry of Science and abide by their commitments, after two and a half years, through a new round of defense and selection, I was named to the Central Organization Department, the National Program Specialist million people, and I will be more than ten thousand experts to another, a national scientific and technological power, upgrading leader, on the road this great rejuvenation of the old country, and foreign competitors to expand the fight, eventually blaze a new trail, crowned king. My brother and founder of the company, up to now, annual sales are 2 to 3 times the rate of growth from the beginning of 16 years of follow-up will grow faster, the company\’s valuation this year to 500 million (valuation, not the personal assets). But we still can not afford a big house, is not willing to change the Porsche, still work until after 0:00, still most of the company\’s profits into research and development to go on a business trip when the sadness is still maintained more than 400 yuan hotel, still like a miser guarding a new investor can not invest tens of millions of squandering cash. But we from the academy that Alibaba treasure trove of things to learn, and we can Shredded skills equations of Maxwell, allows us to re-develop several market size of over 100 billion of technology products, you can then set up several teams, then founded several valuation of more than 500 million of the company, and then open up areas of research involved several unmanned. 博士学位真的那么重要吗?上交大博士亲述科研心路,获4万高赞 in the beautiful ancient town of Lijiang, there is a snow-capped mountains, misty all year round, even in the most clear day, the sun can not penetrate the clouds. Legend only \’skill, together with the higher mountain, above the clouds to see the scenery. Although few extraordinary people in the world, but those who have seen, all life is commendable peerless views.

  • When not working, I like to call my friends to play with the king, chicken together;
  • I love nothing went to tease the dog, play around with the line and line and cats, and children; [ 123]
  • I love everything about Alan Walker songs, not happy when he has been listening;

  • and my friend to disco disco, eating hot pot line and string drink, K songs late into the night;

  • as well as Valentine\’s Day wedding anniversary, my wife flowers to buy a diamond ring to buy a LV bag;

  • I went to the market to buy food often pit, not to throw garbage district will be divided into many categories curse;

  • people around, rarely know what I\’m talking about Master above, as well as Dr. entrepreneurial thing, I usually show, but I want to show, that the clouds, one after another gas, smoke curl scenery. The clouds over the landscape, can be seen only with the higher mountains together, you did not see, does not mean no. Just like you would not Shredded Maxwell\’s equations, have not seen Yang – Mills theory of derivation, you do not know immediately after Yang of the great Maxwell, Schrödinger and Hawking compared to him is his brother. You see, he was just 82 years old, and 28-year-old young wife of rumors. No epidemic outbreak in early January, I went to a friend\’s company, he is very early repatriation of industry experts, at Bell Labs and Siemens spent more than ten years, do a company listed on Nasdaq and then return home. To the company, he developed robots are vivid lectures, facing the camera for children webcast, may also face various transformations, naive. Sitting in his office drinking tea, there are robots on the table, my friend and I talked of his experiences in the United States, talk their latest products. Then he\’s a robot leaning on the table, open a switch, said: \”I often like to think of robots compared to our country, you see the processor on behalf of the head of the political center, the battery pack on behalf of the chest of the driving power industry development, double the legs are supporting agricultural base of the country, representatives of law enforcement agencies arms, and diplomatic representatives of mouth publicity department, on behalf of the body wire and cable network traffic, beautiful clothes, face and hair representatives of the entertainment industry and the service sector. \”then he paused open the switch back of the robot, which exposed the two support pillars hydraulic tappets, firmly supporting heavy metal robot body, he said, pointing to two support columns, \”engage in technology and R & D are here, With us, the country can stand upright, do not grovel, beg do not need to kneel down, we are the backbone. \”If I had to choose life the happiest two things, the first thing is the books at the University of shop I met a mother, while the second part is to choose to pursue a Ph.D. Only article to commemorate the past. Reference links / 1151278214