Plus new technology, Cabot Airgel strategic partnership to jointly develop China market

July 20, plus new technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Cabot (CABOT) signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Plus new technology becomes Cabot (CABOT) Aerogels products only designated distributor of joint research and development side, as well as airgel technology in the Greater China region. Plus new technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Cabot (CABOT) Company executives have said the two sides, this time to work together, not just the value of the concept of integration, the two sides will be more as a starting point, to carry out comprehensive in-depth cooperation, focusing on the gas innovation and development of new materials gel, to jointly promote the application of airgel in the world. The new materials industry is one of the countries Thirteen Five Plan established strategic emerging industries, airgel material as one of the new material, since the invention a record 15 Guinness Book of Records, the field of thermal, optical, electrical, mechanical, acoustic, etc. display many exotic properties, is called to change the world of magical material. Plus new technology chairman, said that this is intended by the Cabot Corporation \”along the way\” strategic advantage, focus areas of energy and environmental protection and new materials, creating opportunities for research and innovation, energy conservation and create more likely to Greater China market . Airgel due to different components, mainly silica airgel, alumina airgel, zirconia, and carbon aerogels and the like. Currently, the insulation properties of silica airgel most spectacular, most mature technology, industrial development at home and abroad airgel applications deployed mostly around the silica airgel insulation. China is the world\’s largest producer of silicon dioxide, but mostly low-quality precipitated silica, high quality fumed silica aerogels and terms of lower production capacity, while the technological innovation and new product development in the company behind more advanced. As the world\’s leading company Cabot fumed silica production, and the production of fumed silica brands, all types and wide application. CAB-O-SIL®, CAB-O-SPERSE® card hydrophilic fumed silica CAB-O-SIL® and hydrophobic fumed silicas are widely used in the world. Plus new technology hopes to continuously enhance the innovation capability, the introduction of manufacturing technology in Germany. The airgel new materials technology industry, and is widely applied to various fields. Plus new technology in the future will devote more resources to improve the airgel production technology, and innovation, actively promote the development of airgel.