[Policy] encourage airgel exterior insulation coating ready to come

under green development concept under the guidance of national policy intensive introduction 【政策鼓励】气凝胶外墙外保温涂料呼之欲出 environmentally friendly paint by the national policy to encourage 【政策鼓励】气凝胶外墙外保温涂料呼之欲出 paint industry restructuring Catalog Waterborne Wood , to industrial, marine coatings, functional facades insulation coating , high solids, solvent-free, radiation-curable, and other environment-friendly resource-saving paint production. Environment-friendly paint China\’s share of about 49% compared with the United States, Japan, Germany, there is still much room for development. 【政策鼓励】气凝胶外墙外保温涂料呼之欲出 airgel material booster functional development exterior insulation coating The addition of about 8% -15% of Kpore-G500 (Hyun same In the general aqueous coating systems Aerogels [123 ] powder), the thermal conductivity of the coating is reduced to the original 1/12 ~ 1/18 (system slightly different properties of different coating), i.e., insulation performance boost. Enterprises build coating developed using Kpore-G500 functional insulation coating, an excellent thermal insulation effect, the thermal resistance up equivalents (m2.k) / w, low thermal conductivity 0.03w / m.k. was added Kpore-G500 coating coated on the aluminum alloy substrate, a coating thickness of 0.5mm (one side coated), heated by the flame spray gun in one surface of the aluminum alloy plate, the other side of the aluminum alloy plate ( coated) can be touched by hand, without being burned. More airgel powder in a friendly environment 【政策鼓励】气凝胶外墙外保温涂料呼之欲出 building insulation in the field of application of thermal insulation coatings, please consult with the mysterious new materials Suzhou Co., Ltd. Tel: 0527-62872895