Preparation of black carbon airgel Tongji surplus improved photothermal conversion efficiency

Sunlight – is one of the thermal conversion of solar energy (3.660, -0.02, -0.54%) The most simple and effective way. Using solar desalination actually using solar steam generation system, first light energy into heat, and then utilizing thermal energy to heat water, salts, ions and heavy metal ions are not lost during evaporation of the water with the water vapor, thereby to achieve water desalination process. Tongji University School of Physics and Engineering Task Force nanoporous material of the carbon airgel by continuous research and found to have special properties, such as its small size and the disordered structure effects caused conductors angle-independent, wide-band strong light absorption (ACS Nano, 2016, 10, 9123-9128), double negative characteristics caused by the split ring resonator equivalent result (Carbon, 2018, 129, 598-606), and small-sized conductor strong effect thermally coupling the electronic effect of enhancing the photocatalytic (MRS. Comm. 2018, 8, 521-526) and the like.

Normal super black carbon airgel foam and macroscopic and microscopic and desalination schematic structural view

Recently, the research group prepared by using combined pre-freezing carbonization process, the set macropores, mesopores and micropores in one of the super-structure carbon black and aerogels. Vertical material macroporous structure facilitates the transport of water vapor; mesoporous structure conducive to the insulation material; and a microporous structure can be small-sized conductor configured to generate strong hot electron effect, and ultimately improve the photothermal conversion efficiency. In addition, you can create a new pore structure in the original framework material activated by physical methods. Ultimately, the material is achieved under 1 sun illumination intensity photothermal conversion efficiency of 87.51% and 1.37kg / m-2 h water evaporation rate /. The material by means of evaporation of water can be made desalination, waste water treatment and softening hard water, and treated water can reach the Ministry of Health and WHO standards for drinking water. The work with \”Enhanced Photothermal Conversion by Hot-Electron Effect in Ultrablack Carbon Aerogel for Solar Steam Generation\” in the titlePublished in the internationally renowned journal \”ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces\” (ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2019, 11, 42057-42065).

Super Black carbon airgel photothermal conversion performance standard sign. (A) pore size distribution; (b) the absorption, transmission spectrum; (c, d) a photothermal conversion properties; (e) under continuous light light – heat generation rate of Comparative steam; the surface temperature of the material (f) Application [123 ]
the hot electron effect work presents a small-sized conductor caused, may provide a new approach for the design of other efficient photothermal conversion device. The first author of the paper are doctoral student Wang Hongjiang, corresponding author is Professor Du Yifu, the research group Zhou Bin, Zhang Zhihua, Shen Jun, Zhang Chen, Xiu Ji Jie, teachers and students also participated in the work. The work by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, national key R & D program \”nanotechnology\” key projects, supported by the Shanghai Special Artificial Microstructure Materials and Technology Laboratory of the open projects. References:. 1 Sun, W .; Du, A .; Feng, Y .; Shen, J .; Huang, S .; Tang, J .; Zhou, B., Super Black Material from Low-Density Carbon Aerogels with subwavelength Structures. ACS Nano 2016. 10, 9123-9128.2. Xie, P .; Sun, W .; Liu, Y .; Du, A .; Zhang, Z .; Wu, G .; Fan, R., Carbon aerogels towards new candidates for double negative metamaterials of low density. Carbon 2018, 129, 598-606.3. Wang, H .; He, X .; Zhou, B .; Shen, J .; Du, A., Hot electrons coupling-enhanced photocatalysis of super black carbon aerogels / titanium oxide composite. MRS Communications 2018, 8, 521-526.4. Du, A .; Wang, H .; Zhou, B .; Zhang, C .; Wu, X .; Ge, Y .; Niu, T .; Ji, X .; Zhang, T .; Zhang, Z .; Wu, G .; Shen, J., Multifunctional Silica Nanotube Aerogels Inspired by Polar Bear Hair for Light Management and Thermal Insulation. Chemistry of Materials 2018. 30, 6849-6857.5. Hongqiang Wang, CZ, Bin Zhou, Zhihua Zhang, Jun Shen, Ai Du., Ultra-black [email protected] core-shell aerogels with controllable electrical conductivities. Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials 2019. Wang, H .; Du, A .; Ji, X .; Zhang, C .; Zhou, B .; Zhang , Z .; Shen, J., Enhanced Photothermal Conversion by Hot-Electron Effect in Ultrablack Carbon Aerogel for Solar Steam Generation. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 2019, 11, 42057-42065.