Preparation of Fudan work together to achieve the Singapore National graphene aqueous phase with high efficiency

Graphene is the thinnest material available, the highest strength, thermal conductivity best novel two-dimensional material, in many fields of intelligent equipment, aerospace, energy storage and environmental governance huge application potential, is an important strategic emerging materials. However, how to achieve high-quality graphene with high efficiency, large-scale preparation, has been a key problem restricting the large-scale application. Ideal solution is from natural flake graphite, graphene to be peeled off in the liquid phase. According to experts, to avoid irreversible aggregation graphene liquid release is usually required in a particular solvent, the solvent dispersibility of graphene limits the efficiency of the peeling, the peeling liquid so that at a high concentration difficult. Typically graphene content is generally less than 1mg / mL, which means the production of at least 1kg graphene amount of solvent 1 ton. In addition, graphene is a strong tendency to aggregate also make it difficult to store, transport, challenged for the subsequent application. Fudan University and the National University of Singapore researchers cooperation by introducing a very small amount of ionization oxygen-containing functional groups in the graphene surface, high-quality graphene preparation in the aqueous phase of the high-efficiency, help accelerate large-scale industrial applications of graphene. In response to these problems, researchers used a non-stable dispersion policy, by introducing a very small amount of oxygen-containing functional groups ionizable in the graphene surface, fast, high yield at very high concentrations of stripped product was 90% or more peeling single graphene layer, and less lattice defects. The stripping process, the surface of the electric double layer is compressed, flocculation manner graphene precipitated precipitate formed, which was concentrated to even very high solids cake, month room temperature storage, it can still be redispersed in an aqueous solution to form a homogeneous stable graphene suspension, so as to effectively solve the problem of storage and transport graphene scale applications. In addition, graphene aqueous phase slurry prepared by this method exhibit good rheological properties, can be directly printed by 3D graphene airgel prepared in various shapes, such as graphene storage, environmental control, applications such as multi-functional composite materials provide a new path.