Price waterproof material, classification, use and explain the construction process and other related content

Original title: waterproof material prices, classification, use and construction process and other related content explain As society progresses, China\’s construction industry has also got everyone\’s attention, followed by waterproof material occupies a very important position in architectural design, has become one of the primary building material industry, waterproof materials to meet the material moisture, seepage, leakage function used, with a waterproof material is necessary, only do preliminary waterproof, residence of late, people will be able to reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble. Then the following set of network Yin Xiao Bian on to tell you about the price of a waterproof material, classification, use, construction process, purchase and misunderstanding top ten brands ranked . 防水材料的价格、分类、使用方法及施工流程等相关内容 讲解 Category waterproof material First, into a flexible waterproof material, waterproofing: waterproofing membrane is mainly used for building walls, roof, and tunnels, highways, etc. landfill played against the rain outside a groundwater seepage can curl into a roll of flexible building materials, as no leakage connection between the foundation and the building project, the whole project is the first barrier of water, the whole project from crucial role; 防水材料的价格、分类、使用方法及施工流程等相关内容 讲解 the method of waterproofing materials 1, the additive liquid into a clean mixing vessel, then, to the powder was added slowly with stirring, stir until 3-5 generating a dough-free, homogeneous dope, and the operation time runs out; 2, mechanical stirring is recommended to obtain good mixing effect, with a roller, brush evenly brushing the slurry onto the substrate Handled The use of the environment and performance requirements brushing or two layers or more, general engineering waterproof layer having a thickness of 1mm, regulate the thickness of the underground construction requirements 1.5-2mm; 3, after finishing layer, must wait until slightly dry after the solid, then a second layer, which normally takes 1-3, depending on the specific circumstances of the base surface density and the temperature was set; 4, if more than 24, or coating has been cured, a second layer thereon brushing when must re-wetting surface with water; 5, conservation curing: the slurry from the day after brushing, the overlay coating is recommended for 2-3 days with a damp cloth or a fine spray mist, then closed water test; 6, for long-term water storage pond filled with water should wait until two weeks after the vacancy, the stirred slurry generally should be used within 1, Appeared solidified material is no longer available, not watered stir, do not arbitrarily change the ratio of the emulsion. The construction process waterproof material 1. If the spray work site before the closed space or chamber, the flow of air should be maintained, during the spraying operation, the base layer should be recognized, polyurea waterproof coating, spray devices, field after environmental conditions, operating personnel should comply with the design requirements and related engineering technical regulations, before spraying the construction work, check before spraying operations should normally include processing, quality of materials, equipment and operating conditions of the detailed structure of grassroots , in environmental conditions, personnel training and other tests, it is crucial for ensuring the quality of construction; 2, each batch of polyurea waterproof coating in the seven days before spraying jobs, spraying equipment should be used on-site sample preparation, press-related detecting a predetermined spray polyurea waterproof coating tensile strength and elongation at break, the author reports the coating quality detection site; 3, primary treatment performed before spraying operation may produce large amount of dust, is carried out in a large number of spraying operations atomizing the material is easy to be scattered, causing environmental pollution, in particular, high bonding strength polyurea coating, a large amount of atomized viscous material is difficult to remove dirt, so to deal with the work surface prior to the construction other than the construction scattering vulnerable parts and material contamination to take the necessary measures to block. misunderstanding purchase waterproof material 1, waterproof materials and environmental protection insignificant waterproofing renovation project is a more subtle, and some families are often mistaken for a small kitchen or bathroom area waterproof, waterproof layer of cement or floor below, the possibility of pollution is very small, long-term contamination can be precisely because of this concealment waterproof layer, once the use of inferior waterproof coating, cause, choosing waterproof coating can not be taken lightly; 2, using the waterproof coating many people feel better soft material better softness effect, application of the method is also more flexible, not easily crack, but the flexible material is a film formed on the outside, once leakage occurs a defect layer, the rigid waterproof solve the problem itself, will not affect the overall effect of the waterproof surface defects, which have their own advantages and characteristics that, if we can both use so much the better; 3 that the brighter the color waterproof material first we need to understand a little better, raw materials and additive color waterproof product and its use is related to eachA waterproof product has its own characteristics, such as color JS waterproof coating, which itself is a polymer cement, so the color is closer to the cement, but it can be added in the construction of different pigments to decorate, so that we can not judge the quality of a single color from waterproof material; 4, different positions use different waterproof material we all understand the different environments for the application of waterproofing products are different, for example, SBS waterproofing membrane can be applied to the roof and outside wall but waterproof effect in a small space is relatively poor, especially some details of the seam, whereas the polyurethane that some of the details for waterproofing comparison line, but the water repellent film formed on its large area and not good waterproof, so waterproof material should vary according to the actual situation of the environment, try to play the best results of waterproof material, waterproof material opposite effect improper use of the product itself will cause some damage. 防水材料的价格、分类、使用方法及施工流程等相关内容 讲解 These are the Yin set net price waterproof material Xiaobian to introduce the , classification, use, construction process, purchase and misunderstanding top ten brands ranked. Waterproof material to prevent rainwater, groundwater, industrial and public water supply and drainage, corrosive liquids and moisture in the air, vapor or the like into a building material, the building site is required mainly waterproof roof, walls, floors and basements , I hope this is the need to be able to understand this knowledge to help people.