Professor Cui Shuxun using ambient response spectra of single-molecule force of the elastic polymer single-stranded

\”Dawson one, one two, two three, three things.\” This classical philosophy from the \”moral\” of scholars in the field of polymer enlightening: single polymer chain can be regarded as \”a\”, the polymer material is composed of numerous \”a\” stacked and assembled Come. a direct correlation between the presence of the polymer should be single-stranded macroscopic properties of the material and its properties. Although still difficult to establish this association, but we believe that in-depth study of the single polymer chain is bound to promote the development of polymer science and engineering. which may be in the advantage of the liquid, air and the like working under vacuum, has become an important method for the experimental study of a single-stranded polymer based on single-molecule force due to the elastic spectrum (AFM-SMFS) AFM. Recently, Southwest Jiaotong University Professor Cui Shuxun team systematically reviewed the progress of the study groups in response to environmental research single polymer chain flexibility in recent years. Summary brief introduction of the AFM-SMFS works and Single-chain power spectrum criteria ; next introduced Development of theoretical models single chain ; introduced the concepts of the single-chain intrinsic elastic polymer (enthalpy inherent elastic polymer backbone structure), and summarizes data for a number of the intrinsic elasticity of the polymer main chain structure. Subsequently OF reviewed the external environment (such as temperature, pH, ionic, water) and the impact mechanism related to common biological macromolecules and synthetic polymer elastic single-stranded . Reference to an intrinsic elasticity, can be quantitatively estimate the impact on the external environment of the elastic polymer single-stranded. Applications Summary of the single polymer chains in the elastic response of the environment configuration, and the energy conversion molecular devices responsive material design environment and the like . Finally, the author prospects the challenges and opportunities in this area, and proposes some possible research directions. 崔树勋教授利用单分子力谱研究高分子单链弹性的环境响应 In the review \”Environment-dependent single-chain mechanics of synthetic polymers and biomacromolecules by atomic force microscopy-based single-molecule force spectroscopy and the implications on advanced polymer materials \”was published in Chemical Society Reviews 2020, DOI:. 10.1039 / c9cs00855a first author of Baoyu Bo Shi , corresponding author for the Professor Cui Shuxun article link:. https: //