Progress CAS Suzhou Institute of Nano series and won in the field of polymer aerogels

Recently, researchers Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics, Chinese Academy of Zhang with the leadership of the Aerogels teamwork with the Beijing Institute of Technology researchers, access to a series of new advances in the field of polymer airgel. CAS Suzhou and Beijing Institute of Nano technology personnel to put forward a new airgel new technology – the primary network conformal growth technique, a zero-dimensional, one-dimensional or two-dimensional material is uniformly dispersed in a liquid medium, and then dynamic network nanoparticles formed by the fixed, to obtain a three-dimensional elastic porous material, airgel, airgel for preparing polypyrrole and polypyrrole elastic / silver nanowires coaxial airgel, is obtained with a \”zero\” resistance temperature over the sensing material coefficients. In this airgel material constructed \”temperature self-compensated\” pressure sensor having high stability, high sensitivity, short response times, low detection limits, etc., can be processed into the pressure-sensitive smart Joule heater. The researchers also found that supramolecular hydrogels precursors, by supercritical fluid technology, can be prepared a new airgel – supramolecular airgel. Supramolecular airgel has good thermal stability, it can be used as novel multifunctional solid – solid phase change material in the fields of aeronautics and aerospace, defense and other buildings, industrial heat pipe and other civil It has a broad application prospects.