Promote the development of new materials help promote the use of airgel

– Interview with State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Design and Research Institute senior engineer Tang Peng heat engine \”With the national requirements of energy saving improvement, new materials market prospects.\” Reporter recently interviewed deputy director of the State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Design and Research Institute a heat engine room Tang Peng, power engineering as a person responsible for the design, he was confident in the future development of new materials. \” Aerogels have excellent insulating properties, is a new insulating material , it is the concept of energy saving today fit new insulation material.\” Aerogels: Excellent thermal insulation performance insulation material It is understood that silica aerogels also known as \”blue smoke\”, \”solid smoke\”, is the minimum current density is known, the lightest mass of solid material, and so far the best insulation performance s material. Because of their nanoporous structure, density, low dielectric constant, low thermal conductivity, high porosity, high specific surface area, etc., exhibit unique properties in terms of various mechanical, acoustic, thermal, optical and the like. Airgel seemingly \”fragile\”, in fact, very rugged, it can withstand pressure equivalent to thousands of times their own quality, not melt until the temperature reaches 1200 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, its low thermal conductivity and the refractive index, but also the insulating capacity of 39 times stronger than the best glass fibers. It has extensive and great value in numerous aerospace, military, petroleum, chemical, mining, communications, medical, building materials, electronics, metallurgy, known as the \”change the world of magical material.\” \”Although airgel materials have unique properties thermal, acoustic, catalysis, adsorption, optical, electrical, etc., are very broad field of applications, but it is still the most widely used thermal insulation performance.\” Tang Peng said. Airgel materials currently airgel composite insulations as the main products, has a wide range of applications in industrial pipe network and kilns, petrochemical and power engineering equipment, construction, cold cryogenic equipment and other fields. When applied to these areas, both airgel composite insulation mat insulation effect is good, A-class fire, high hydrophobicity and other superior characteristics, service life of up to 30 years, with an absolute advantage of the pyramid roof insulation materials. Nanoporous airgel structure has excellent insulation properties, which is even lower thermal conductivity than air, the air in the thermal conductivity at room temperature vacuum was 0.026W / (m · k), and gas condensate plastic thermal conductivity at normal temperature and pressure is generally less than 0.020W / (m · k), in a state of vacuum,Thermal conductivity can be as low as 0.004W / (m · k). \”In traditional insulation materials aluminum silicate, rockwool oriented, at low temperatures, airgel insulation material with a thermal conductivity of conventional or less, but at high temperatures, the thermal conductivity of the airgel much higher than the silicate, rock wool and other conventional insulation materials. \”Tang Peng said,\” with the gradual increase of the thermal power parameters, pipe insulation thickness increases, increasing the outer diameter of the pipe per unit length will increase the quality of the respective hangers, civil structures carrying capacity needs to be increased in effect achieve the same insulation, airgel requires only 1/3 ~ 1/4 of the thickness of the conventional inorganic materials, which heat a small surface area in length light weight, little heat loss, convenient installation and maintenance, more in line with the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. \”\” there is rice \”under difficult\” straw \”airgel promotion efforts still need to say\” make bricks without straw, \”now airgel material but faced with the dilemma \”has rice\” is not under the \”straw\”. Tang Peng is currently in charge of the project, is actively promoting the use of aerogels and recommend this new material, but has not yet been applied to a specific power project. The reason that Tang Peng, while aerogels have excellent insulation properties, compared to conventional materials under high and low temperature properties of the case are relatively stable. However, due to power plants and other enterprises of the new airgel material and insufficient attention, but also due to the current high cost of airgel, airgel makes application promotion promotion difficult. Airgel is currently available as a new material, because it has not been widely used, and therefore mass production has not yet started. In addition, it is compared with traditional insulation materials, airgel materials currently being developed relatively simple form, mainly based airgel insulation blanket, more limited use, it has also become a bottleneck hindering the application of airgel products . Take Measures to promote the use of airgel boost Because airgel has excellent thermal insulation properties, Tang Peng also power the design process, the plant actively introduce this new material, erected between the airgel and users It bridges. The future to promote the use of airgel material, Tang Peng put forward their own suggestions: user-oriented, good development and application of airgel. Tang Peng believes that in order to have a good new product vitality, we must understand the users want and need, let the user acceptance. Therefore, to do R & D work airgel materials, on the one hand to improve the airgel price, on the other hand from the construction side for users to consider, as far as possibleConstruction convenient, effectively making aerogels authorized users. Development of airgel relevant norms and standards. Airgel insulation material as a new material, the short history of the industry, market and customers on product performance and do not quite understand, which need to develop appropriate national standards for the industry to regulate and promote the airgel industry toward standardization, orderliness and the direction of industrial development, but also airgel, airgel identification provides a reliable way for users to understand. The state should adopt policies that promote, support the development of airgel. Eighth session of the Fifth Plenary Session of the CPC put forward the \”innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing\” five development concept, as a new airgel insulation material, is in line with innovation-driven, energy-saving and environmental protection concept of development, in 2014 and 2015, Development and Reform Commission for two consecutive years will airgel material is classified as \”national key energy-saving low-carbon technologies to promote the directory\”, began a preliminary application for airgel materials. As an airgel material and technological innovation, promote the dilemma facing the high cost, the state should support the introduction of relevant policies and regulations, increase financial support for airgel technology innovation enterprise tax policy support to give users some enterprise subsidies encourage users to adopt energy-saving insulation products. Step up publicity to improve the degree of user acceptance. \”Wine is also deeply afraid of the alley,\” airgel material can not be idle, to strengthen publicity, highlighting its \”scientific and technological innovation, energy saving and environmental protection\” feature, a great pass airgel material properties to the user. Tang Peng where the State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Design and Research Institute in fact act as a \”bridge\” role: Because of design institutes and designers recognize the excellent thermal insulation properties of the airgel in the design process, will be introduced to customers the new material, so that customers understand the pros and cons of this material, and gradually increase the degree of user acceptance thereof. Build a platform to boost the development of the airgel. How to integrate industry resources, the formation of airgel industry gathering strength, which requires a platform. Beijing Construction Engineering Group Corporation airgel project as a kind of strategic investment projects, is one of the first to promote the industrialization of the airgel enterprise, initiated by the Beijing Construction Engineering led China to develop green building materials industry alliance airgel innovative applications Promotion Center will be engaged airgel research, production, application and service companies as well as representatives of relevant research institutions, enterprises and other related resources together, publicize and popularize airgel material relevant expertise, to build a \”political – production – learning – research \”professional exchange platform for the implementation of relevant standards and application of airgel productsAnd policies to promote airgel technology development and industrialization process, thus promoting the joint development of airgel industry.