Promote the industrialization and application of key materials such as aerogels

Two sessions this year, \”green\”, \”energy\”, \”green\” has become a hot word, NPC deputies and CPPCC members from all walks of life will be more focus on the \”green industry\”, \” building energy efficiency \”on. As for the future development of the building materials industry, on behalf of the members put up a sentence is: this allows one to focus on green building materials – Aerogels research and development to build rich feel any \”green development is the trend.\” both excited and urgent. Exciting is that the country will rise to an unprecedented national green building strategic and innovative green building products have a historic opportunity for development; however, make him feel that urgency, although some close relationship with the people\’s livelihood issues, such as construction waste resources disposal has formed an important proposal received great attention of the party and state leaders, however, down to the industrial development of new materials such as the plight of such aerogels are still a dead letter, rarely cares. Airgel industry colleagues to seize the \”Thirteen Five\” valuable opportunity for the first year, the media industry through sound, the two sessions suggestions for the industrial development of the airgel rallying cry! Is well known, an important energy saving in construction to improve the implementation is the use of wall material having high insulating performance. But without good insulation properties Class A fireproof materials, higher energy efficiency standards, the more the potential safety problems. However, this does not mean that the target can not be achieved to ensure the fire safety of building energy efficiency at the same time. But at the moment, taking into account energy efficiency and double standards of fire protection products because the price is difficult to obtain market acceptance and promote the application, which also led to two consequences: First, the actual selection, the building energy-saving \”way\” of life safety; the second is to fire cross the border at the expense of energy-saving effect, making the building in the late high energy consumption. Therefore, only to speed up the development and application of new wall insulation materials products in order to achieve our goal of building energy efficiency, and address building energy efficiency and fire safety of conflicts at their source. Example airgel materials: nano airgel is a porous material, are more than 90% of air, is the world\’s lightest solid material, it is also called \”solid smoke\”, \”blue smoke\”, \”change the world of magical material\” and so on, both the insulation effect, a-class fire, high hydrophobicity and other superior characteristics, service life of up to 20 years. At 350 ℃Steam pipe insulation applications for example, compared to conventional insulation materials, the insulation thickness is reduced 2/3, save energy more than 40%, can be reduced per kilometer conduit 125 tons of CO2 per year. Officially launched in 2014, by far the largest European investment projects (80 billion euros), \”Horizon 2020\” project focuses on and carried out the airgel insulation material related to research and development. At present, China\’s industry is still in the airgel industrial applications and market cultivation stage. 2014 and 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission for two consecutive years will airgel material is classified as \”national key energy-saving low-carbon technologies to promote the directory\”, began a preliminary application for airgel materials. However, the promotion effect airgel is not satisfactory. In recent years, with experience in the marketing, I deeply appreciate, building energy efficiency market is relatively confusion, product variety, quality uneven, difficult to unified standards, inspection and testing more difficult, so that the same as airgel It has good insulation and fire performance of new materials development extremely difficult. Today, although industry sources tireless research, campaigning, airgel material in this critical new industrial applications are still with little success. The important reason is airgel industry did not get enough attention and policy support in China. He therefore called for, in order to achieve the goal of building energy efficiency, ensure safe city, we should vigorously support the development of airgel material, promote the wider use of airgel material in China. He suggested that specific guidance through multi-sectoral linkage through the Ministry and other departments and local governments, airgel related businesses, universities, research institutes active cooperation, the establishment of industry associations, to promote the industrialization of technological achievements in the field of high energy consumption and aerogels engineering applications. Specific recommendations are the following four points: 1 build \”political – production – research – with the\” linkage platform. Government departments, production units, research institutions, application of new materials technology unit to form the Commonwealth of the transformation of the system to promote the industrialization of technological development and market application airgel. Government departments and other collaborative industry alliance organized and planned strategic emerging industries of special funds, venture capital funds, to support in-depth research and industrial innovation airgel technology, engineering technology, standards, labor law, to maintain international competitiveness, and promote high-tech achievements into . 2. The introduction of government support policies to promote airgel production and engineeringapplication. Airgel industry is still in the market cultivation stage, the product price is slightly more expensive than an ordinary insulation materials for high energy consumption in high-temperature steam pipe network (power plants, coal chemical industry, etc.) of one-time investment. Government to give a clear policy support in taxation, banking, finance, promotion of new technologies, energy conservation and other requirements and incentives. The Government set up a certain amount of special support fund, for airgel production companies to provide certain government subsidies for the use of airgel insulation materials enterprises to provide policy assistance. 3. To promote energy-saving projects, foster industrial development airgel. Sector-led government priority to promote energy-saving projects in the field of high energy heat pipe network, instead of the traditional insulation materials with airgel materials, reduce energy consumption and improve the comprehensive utilization of resources at the same time, by energy-saving projects, so that airgel this high-tech materials and technology into the public, and gradually promote the upgrading of insulation materials industry. 4. nurture and support industry leaders, the international competition. Energy conservation is the problem facing the world today, airgel is a revolutionary energy saving solutions industry. The government should focus on the global, system specification and layout industry airgel, airgel industry guidance and support leading enterprises to participate in global competition. It can be said, to achieve the widely used airgel, not only conducive to promote energy conservation, to the people to create a safe and comfortable living environment, but also the fire precautionary, clearing huge security risk urban development fundamentally, this supply-side reform and the building materials industry to lead the industrial development of new materials of significance. Therefore, we hope the relevant state government departments to understand, appreciate Status Quo of airgel material, and from the national level to promote the industrialization of technological achievements into the airgel and engineering applications in the field of high energy consumption.