Reduced graphene oxide airgel photothermal conversion

Solar energy as an important renewable energy, and its efficient use has been converted hotspot in the field of research. To convert solar energy widely used, is an important way of solar energy utilization. Wherein the light – heat (steam) having a conversion broad application prospects in desalination, wastewater treatment, fractionation, sterilization, and other fields. However, lower conventional photothermal conversion efficiency, so the design of the production of high efficiency, low cost of photothermal conversion material and study its photothermal conversion characteristics has important scientific significance and research value. Modern Engineering, Nanjing University Professor Zhu Xi School of Applied Science by a team of optical, thermal regulation and joint ingenious water supply structural design, structural control based on graphene oxide assembly of micro-nano realized without condensing conditions up to 83% light and heat (steam) conversion efficiency. Related papers published in Advanced Materials (Advanced Materials, 2017,29,1604031). Modern Engineering and Applied Science Research Assistant Huxiao Zhen is the first author of the paper, Professor Zhu Xi corresponding author of the paper, work also got Nanjing University academician Zhu Shining guidance and support. 还原氧化石墨烯气凝胶用于光热转换 This study contributed to a portable, efficient, low-cost development of solar thermal technology, but also provides a new idea for the application of airgel. Based on recent research team, Professor Chu Hsi micro-nano structure efficient photothermal conversion, made a series of progress. Before the adoption of optical design, to achieve the most black plasmon absorption body (Science Advances, 2016,2, e1501227), and prepare a first plasmon enhancement effect desalination device (Nature Photonics, 2016 and so on, 10,393-398), also a two-dimensional graphene oxide assemblies for solar desalination (PNAS, 2016,113,13953-13958), has caused widespread concern academia, industry. This series of technological achievements by the National Key Basic Research Program (973), the project of the National Natural Science Foundation project groups and face, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities special, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province and other advantages of discipline stand by.