Science and Technology: serious academic misconduct who honor the interests of all zeros!

This afternoon, the State Council Information Office held a press conference in Beijing, Minister of Science and Technology Wang Zhigang please, Deputy Secretary General HE the German side, Secretary Chen Zhuanhong major projects, high-tech Secretary Qin Yong, Social Development and Technology Secretary Wuyuan Bin introduced to speed up the construction of an innovative State support to lead a high-quality development of the situation and answered reporters\’ questions. For the conference to strengthen the main content of style and study style building technology sector is as follows:

style and study style building on the strengthening of the scientific community

Atmosphere style building technology sector is a very important part of the science and technology system. Excellent style and study style is the lifeblood of science and technology work related to long-term development of science and technology. CPC Central Committee and the State Council, some two vital documents \”Opinions on Further Strengthening the construction of scientific integrity\”, \”further promote the spirit of scientists, to strengthen the style construction of study style advice.\” These two documents actually build strategic layout and the overall arrangements for the scientific community style of study style construction. Science and Technology has always been the style of study style construction in an important position concerning the overall situation, to promote. There are three main work areas:

First, vigorously carry forward the spirit of scientists, advocates the right value orientation in the scientific community.

focused patriotic love, dedication propriety, highlighting the excellent level of ability and convincing results, highlighting the \”sensitive to the line and Ne in words,\” outstanding \”Gan human ladder, peaches and plums world\” of high Shangfeng Fan. Speak contribution, less about the pros and cons, trying to find their place in the development of science and technology, the realization of personal value in the prosperity of the country.

Second, seriously deal with acts of academic misconduct.

for academic misconduct, the ministry\’s attitude has always been very clear, and it is firm, it is zero tolerance. Academic misconduct was found severely dealt with, not be tolerated. Make grandiose impulsive, opportunistic, in the scientific community there is no market; let fraud, violations of discipline should pay the price. Academic misconduct in the investigation of these events, we always seek truth from facts, respect the law, and always adhere to the academic senate and administrative investigation two lines, give full play to the role of the Academic Council and the academic community. Of course, we also protect the people surveyed appropriate appeal rights. For offenders, there are serious academic misconduct, honor and interests of all its improper available, including degree, title, title personnel, various awards bonuses, should be all cleaned up and returned to zero. We are trustworthy is to make the green light, dishonesty everywhereLimited. Universities and research institutions and other legal entities, should shoulder the main responsibility for research and study style style construction, strengthen education and guidance, to strengthen academic management, severely punish violations. The majority of researchers to abide by the norms of scientific research, cherish academic reputation, manage their teams and students.

Third, create a distinctive guide, Delicate gas is ecological research

to establish and improve the quality of innovation and contribution to the academic core of the classification and evaluation system. On the allocation of resources for those rigorous and realistic, painstaking research, dedication, outstanding achievements of researchers to tilt, providing them with more platforms, more opportunities, so that they can be more refreshing of scientific research into the cause of which . Meanwhile, also advocate \”Gan sitting on the bench\”, \”decade sword,\” the focus on the spirit, and create no distraction, down to earth, strive for good ecological research.