Self-powered multi-functional electronic signature skin for intelligent security

In recent years, the rapid development of multi-functional electronic skin due to the integration of multiple sensor devices on flexible substrates by all the attention. In all of the sensing capabilities, the movement as a human-computer interaction the most simple and effective way, so the perception of movement is one of the most important functions of artificial intelligence. Currently most sports are based on the Perception of individual pressure sensing means, and then integrate them into a digital array. However, such a design in order to improve the perceived resolution, typically require more sensing unit, will lead to a sharp increase in the number of electrodes and requires continuous energy supply. Energy supply and the number of electrodes on how to resolve such devices is a key multifunctional electronic skin into practical application. 用于智能防伪签名的自供能多功能电子皮肤


Recently, Peking Academy channel TF Prof. Haixia using a spray coating process on the flexible substrate, and electrospinning process, by reducing the electrode and ingenious design an integrated pressure sensor device, invented a self-powered smart skin electronic signature security system . Related outcomes to \”Self-Powered Multifunctional Electronic Skin forSmart Anti-Counterfeiting Signature System\” was published in \”ACS AppliedMaterials & Interfaces\” journals. Among them, doctoral student Kuo-line is the first author of the paper, Professor Han Meng Di and Zhang Haixia as a co-corresponding author. This work by using silver nanowires (AgNWs) electrospinning process and spray process on a flexible substrate to obtain a patterned electrode and the high-quality piezoelectric nanofiber membrane. The self-powered electronic skin is mainly composed of two parts (nano friction generator (TENG is) and piezoelectric nano generator (PENG)). When the moving object moves on the surface of the device, can simultaneously acquire the motion information (e.g., track, speed, pressure, etc.) by friction and the piezoelectric electrical signal without the need for external energy. In this way, the skin can be self-powered intelligent multifunction electronic security systems, and accurately identify people within an error range of 100 msWriting habits, so it has broad applications in human-computer interaction and intelligent recognition. The multifunctional electronic structure and manufacturing process of the skin

Figure 1: a schematic view of part (a) TENG sensor. (B) inverted pyramid PDMS film and SEM images of the microstructure. AgNWs a transparent electrode (c) was prepared in the spraying PDMS substrate. A schematic diagram (d) PENG sensor section. (E) Preparation of PVDF-TrFE spun nanofiber membrane and SEM images of high voltage electrostatic process.

Electronic FIG skin works

Figure II: (a) detection based on the principle of friction nanometers trajectory generator. (B) writing the letter \”P\” on the surface of the device and recording the corresponding electrical signal friction. PENG portion

real-time detection for the pressure

Figure III: (a) a pressure sensor based on the principle of the piezoelectric thin film. Voltage and current outputs (b-c) PENG of. (D) PENG applying pressure output of the linear fit. (E) having a forward and reverse output connections PENG. (F-h) writing real-time pressure smart identification letter \”P\” of.

intelligent security signature system

Figure IV: (a) the signature of intelligent security systems as a man-machine interface, can recognize people\’s writing habits in order to achieve security and intelligent security. Writing habits (track, speed, writing interval, etc.)

at (BD) different people write the same letter reference Guo, Hang, et al. \”Self-Powered Multifunctional Electronic Skin for SmartAnti-Counterfeiting Signature System .. \”ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2020) The full text link: / 10.1021 / acsami.0c03510

[Links] Professor Zhang Haixia research group has long been engaged in self-powered micro systems, research, relevant achievements in the field of active electronic skin, such as micro-energy harvesting include: non-contact self-powered mass displacement sensing power management circuit design

friction generator / pii / S2211285517303518

sweat sensitive monitoring system