Shandong Dezhou Solar town dwelling 2.0 airgel glass Applications

The solar project is located in Dezhou town, is building entries Xi\’an University of Architecture and Technology to participate in the second session of the International Solar Decathlon Project (Texas) provided, the south wall of the airgel project is made of glass and light wood frame frame configuration, with about 70 square meters, provides a thermal insulation wall of a material light can be achieved. 山东德州太阳能小镇栖居2.0气凝胶玻璃应用案例 airgel glass daytime outdoor photography 山东德州太阳能小镇栖居2.0气凝胶玻璃应用案例 airgel glass night outdoor photography 山东德州太阳能小镇栖居2.0气凝胶玻璃应用案例 transmittance glass airgel night indoor test 山东德州太阳能小镇栖居2.0气凝胶玻璃应用案例 airgel glass night outdoor photography 山东德州太阳能小镇栖居2.0气凝胶玻璃应用案例 Interior aerogels night plastic glass photo

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airgel four advantages compared to ordinary glass glass

aerogels glass is a species to aerogels The new building material main raw material, various glasses may be used instead. Two pieces of glass, sandwiching fill airgel, such a \”sandwich\” is an airgel glass. It is based on the IG The new product was higher than the insulating glass. Since the airgel having both heat insulating properties, but also has sound absorption characteristics, and has a light-transmissive, and therefore the effect of airgel insulation glass is several times higher than conventional double glazing, and has a noise reduction effect.

There are many advantages airgel glass is far less than the normal glass:

  • The thermal stability and thermal shock resistance than quartz glass, even in a high temperature state 1300 ℃ put it into the water, it will not rupture;
  • it is a very small proportion, only 0.07-0.25g / cm3, a few tenths of ordinary glass;
  • having more than mineral wool good thermal insulation properties; it does not burn, fire-resistant material is good;
  • also has good sound insulation performance, higher than the average four times more than the metal and glass.