Shao Jiao Jing Guizhou University research group employed is not other prepared acid alkylene oxide airgel Graphite

Recently, the physics professor, School of Materials and Metallurgy, Materials Guizhou University Shao Jiao Jing (corresponding author) Task Force in the journal Carbon (a zone, IF: 7.082) Online published with \”Graphene Aerogel Derived by Purification-Free Graphite Oxide for High Performance Supercapacitor Electrodes \”as the academic title, the first author is of materials and metallurgy, Guizhou University doctoral student working Tang Xiaoning. Graphene has excellent physical properties due to its large specific surface area and high electron mobility, etc., is an ideal ultracapacitor electrode material. Graphene has a strong hydrophobicity, the liquid phase can be its low operability, adjustable structure macroscopic electrode material directly through the graphene difficult to build. Graphite graphene oxide can be regarded as a precursor by reduction, to remove most of the oxygen-containing functional groups may be on the graphene oxide sheets, to obtain graphene-based electrode material. Improved Hummers method is commonly used methods for preparing graphite oxide, which consists of strong oxidation of graphite aftertreatment and cleaning of graphite oxide; wherein the pickling treatment and an acid cleaning involves two steps. Pickling is the use of an excess of dilute hydrochloric acid washed graphite oxide impurities resulting product is designated herein graphite oxide not removed acid. To obtain pure graphite oxide, it requires the use of appropriate post-processing methods (such as: centrifugation and dialysis) further an acid. Currently, these post-processing method for an acid or a large amount of water and time consuming, so that about half of the total synthesis time of acid removal step, resulting in low efficiency of synthetic graphite oxide, or require the use of toxic organic solvent an acid, a security risk, and increase the cost of synthesis. For the above problems, the present study proposes direct use is not an acid oxidized graphite as Precursors graphene-based materials, affected by the presence comparative investigation of an acid, the structure and properties of the resulting graphene-based material, and to assess the direct use of not an acid oxidized graphite graphite-based materials as the precursor feasibility and practicability. Paper was first reported as a precursor, to obtain graphene airgel H-GA Hummers Improved Preparation of graphite oxide not removed by the acid hydrothermal and lyophilized. For comparison study, the authors also used the pure graphite oxide obtained as a precursor of another graphene airgel GA (Figure 1). ​贵州大学邵姣婧教授课题组采用未除酸氧化石墨制备石墨烯气凝胶 FIG.GA 1 and two kinds of graphene aerogels flowchart Preparation of H-GA results showed that: a similar microstructure H-GA and GA, but the surface chemistry significant difference (FIG. 2), two kinds of gas condensate in an aqueous electrolyte gel showed a similar performance of electrochemical energy storage, in the ionic electrolyte electrochemical performance superior to H-GA GA, mainly because the H-GA exhibits better ions in the electrolyte wettability. In summary, the graphite oxide is not an acid as a direct precursor prepared graphene-based material; compared to pure graphite oxide precursors exhibit many advantages, such as high efficiency, low cost, large scale and the like may be prepared. Study results also imply that the graphite oxide is not an acid has great potential for application in the preparation of graphene-based materials graphene fiber, graphene film or the like. Surface chemical characteristics ​贵州大学邵姣婧教授课题组采用未除酸氧化石墨制备石墨烯气凝胶 FIG 2 two kinds of graphene airgel: EMIMBF4 droplets to ions in the electrolyte, a and b are aerogels GA, initial contact angle of H-GA; C into two gas condensate glue XPS spectra the research was funded by the national Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos.51502046 and 21,564,002) of.