Shaoxing: new airgel nanoporous super thermal insulation materials to achieve industrialization

Called Aerogels nanoporous super thermal insulation of new materials, the successful implementation of industrialization in the coastal city of Shaoxing Nano Technology Co., Ltd. It is the first enterprise in Zhejiang Province broke into the airgel areas, and industrialization. \”This year the company is expected to achieve sales of 60 million yuan.\” November 16, Yaoxian Dong, deputy general manager, said a production line can not meet the market demand, this year the company launched a new production line. Airgel is called \”change the world of magical material\”, is the world\’s lightest solid material in nearly a decade the hottest new materials rankings, graphene airgel behind, in second place. The new materials are widely used in aerospace, medical, construction, withstand the cold of minus 200 degrees Celsius and 800 degrees Celsius, which is lower than the thermal conductivity of air, is the best known Insulation material [ 123]. \”Nano Technology\” was established in 2004, is the parent company of a construction company. The company has cooperation with Tsinghua University, Tongji University and other universities, invested nearly 50 million, has experienced thousands of times the test failed, finally in 2008, successfully developed an airgel nanoporous super thermal insulation materials for industrial use, breaking the gas gel products from US companies monopoly. After that, the company has independently developed a complete set of industrial production equipment, embarked on the road of industrialization of the airgel. 1931 American chemist invented airgel, but costly, fragile performance, airgel has been locked in the lab. 10 years ago, NASA Aspen affiliated companies to give more practical use of this material, began to dominate the global airgel products. \”In a Chinese-American scientist working at NASA heard that Chinese private enterprises developed airgel product, very surprised.\” Yaoxian Dong said after the scientist came to visit Shaoxing, carefully read the product, he said, \”Nano Technology \”airgel products have reached the international advanced level. It is understood that, \”Nano technology\” airgel insulation products are applied to many fields, both for large oil field pipelines, the northern city underground heating pipes, can also be used for high-speed rail, ships, equipment used to heat . Beginning last year, \”Nano technology\” products will be exported to Europe. \”Nano technology\” will also be applied to the airgel building insulation field. At present, the company \”a new building insulation sets of fire-retardant materialsR & D and industrialization projects \”was included in the Ministry of Science,\” second five \”National Science and Technology Support Project. The company\’s products have been got in Zhejiang, Shanghai permit the promotion of the construction of new materials.\” Airgel used in building walls, not only insulation effect, and also flame retardant. \”R & D personnel, said airgel product can effectively prevent the occurrence of similar a few years ago Shanghai high-rise residential fire.