Shengli Oil Field for the first time airgel insulation pipes for industrial production

Recently, undertaken by the Research Institute of Shengli Oilfield Petroleum Engineering Technology \” Aerogels insulated tubing developed\” project by Sinopec acceptance and identification. It is understood that the overall outcome of the project has been assessed to reach the international advanced level, but also the results of the Shengli Oil Field for the first time airgel insulation pipes for industrial production. Airgel is a solid physical form, is the world\’s smallest solid density, its fire and heat insulation properties are superior to traditional products currently on the market. It is understood that after the use of airgel product is not for oilfield development using steam pipe insulation characteristics, its poor applicability in the insulated tube, unable to meet the requirements of thermal insulation properties of insulated pipes. For actual production, researchers developed a hydrophobic titanium silicon composite mat reinforced airgel insulation materials, heat insulation performance and improves the hydrophobic properties of the material at high temperature; study formed airgel insulation insulated pipe structure and reduce thermal insulation tube dependence on the degree of vacuum, greatly increasing the thermal insulation life, to fill gaps in the wellbore airgel insulation field; parameter based on three principles established airgel insulation tube and mechanical analysis prestress optimization model, experimental preferably the process parameters airgel insulation tube, formed airgel insulation supporting tube production technology, and the first time to achieve the industrial production of airgel insulation tube. Currently, the airgel insulation tube has been extended 20,000 meters in the island, such as the south shore oil production plant. Heat insulating properties of the airgel insulation material, not only reduces the dependency on the degree of vacuum insulated pipe, extending the life of the insulation, pipe insulation further saving replacement costs 10800000 yuan.