Silica airgel product suppliers

What is a silica airgel? Aerogels it is the world\’s lightest and best insulating properties of solid materials. Silica airgel is a high-SiO2 colloid particles constituting the skeleton of nano-specific surface area, high porosity, low density, low thermal conductivity of porous material. Silica airgel insulation Mechanism and Application 二氧化硅气凝胶产品供应商 SiO2 airgel thermal conductivity rate of three parts: the thermal conductivity of the gaseous, solid-state thermal conductivity, radiation heat conductivity. The mean free path of air molecules were about 70nm, and the pore size is much smaller than in SiO2 airgel this critical dimension (airgel pore size of about 20 nm), the interior material eliminates convection, gaseous thermal conductivity is very low; and a lower density in turn limits the sparse local propagation medium chain skeleton, the thermal conductivity of the solid inorganic glass was only the thermal conductivity of the material is about 1/500 state, therefore, SiO2 airgel makes special structure ideal super insulation. Based on the special structure of the material itself has, SiO2 airgel has a very wide range of applications in optical, electrical, thermal insulation, environmental protection, catalytic, chemical industry, widely used in high technology originally aerospace, military industry and so on. In recent years, due to advances in synthesis of European and American countries and more demanding requirements of energy policy, gradually extended airgel material used in building insulation , industrial insulation and other fields. Silica airgel product quality suppliers – Suzhou with the mysterious and new materials 二氧化硅气凝胶产品供应商 with the Suzhou New Materials Co., Ltd. is a mysterious Chinese Academy of Sciences Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology and nano-bionics platform incubator founded, specializing in the production of nanoporous materials and technology solutions for various applications of high-tech companies. Company R & D team has studied in England, Germany, South Korea and Japan and other countries experience, with strong product development and application experience in the field of airgel. Through the study of nano-porous materials for many years, R & D team has solved some technical problems and critical process of industrialization, to achieve large-scale production of airgel powder, innovation and the development of water-based thermal paste, water-based slurry insulation airgel insulation film electronic products. All products with independent intellectual property rights, patents applied for and granted more than 20 countries, products with excellent insulation,Fire, water, noise, seismic and other properties. Company aims to provide high-quality, high-performance, low-cost energy nano-silica aerogels insulating material , to EEB insulation, pipe insulation industry, transportation the field of thermal insulation, home insulation, outdoor thermal insulation, medical equipment and other products and provide technical solutions. 二氧化硅气凝胶产品供应商