Silica interpretation of food additives

Food additives silica in the end is what? Really sand it? Add a range of silica? Whether it is harmful to the human body? Below small to know to answer your questions set by the virtuous network. Food additives silica in the end is what? Silica in powder form, typically stone consists essentially of silica, calcium carbonate. So there are rumors that if the food is added to silica equal to eating sand. In fact, this is wrong. Although the carbon dioxide to be used in glassmaking, water glass, pottery, ceramics, refractory materials, airgel blankets, ferrosilicon, sand, elemental silicon, cement production, but can be used as a food additive used in soups, coffee, salt them. Because of its food to prevent caking, prevent food damp function. \”\” Click here to see the red food additive What? ​食品添加剂二氧化硅解读 on the amount of silica instructions for use: according to the latest standards of food additives used, the maximum amount of food in the above-mentioned silica is from 20 g / kg ranged around. Learn more knowledge of food additives, food additives click Yin surgery Net News Channel: http: //