SNAFEL ™ nano airgel composite another warm epoch of new materials

SNAFEL ™ Nano Aerogels research and development team announced the launch of a national initiative nano airgel warm clothing series, using SNAFEL ™ nano airgel composites – more warm, lighter, more breathable, is the second substitution down after natural cotton, another epoch of new materials to keep warm. Airgel is considered to be the world\’s lightest solid, with excellent insulation effect, and can even help astronauts withstand the cold in space, thus becoming aerospace materials by NASA NASA favor from the United States, \”Mars Pathfinder by \”probe of the C919 aircraft, aerogels are irreplaceable super insulating material . This the first to be used in aerospace field of new cutting-edge nano-materials, also known as a \”change the world of magical material\”, the NDRC has now been listed as a national strategic emerging industries. By the SNAFEL ™ airgel nano research team independently developed SNAFEL ™ nano airgel composites, airgel and other substrates by the HSE in line with standard composite from. It full nano airgel material excellent hydrophobicity and excellent thermal properties, and permeability through perfect pore structure uniformly distributed in the whole body of material. SNAFEL ™ airgel nano-warm new material, it will provide reliable warmth, cold, protection, and more eco-friendly, clean and green. SNAFEL ™ airgel nano research and development team said that as SNAFEL ™ nano airgel composites design at the beginning, then full consideration to the human motion feedback effects on the wearing comfort, so the square grams of the material weight, breathability, etc. It has put forward a very stringent standard, even if the whole dress fully filled SNAFEL ™ airgel nano-composite materials, it will not feel too heavy or hot. Currently thickness of only 2mm of SNAFEL ™ Ranger series intercity nano airgel warm jacket, down jacket has the same 40mm insulation effect, can bid farewell to winter bloated, slimmer, more self-cultivation, activities smarter. In liquid nitrogen to minus 173 ℃ injection of the test, the internal temperature can be maintained at the paragraph jacket around 28 ℃, while wearing temperature at 20 ℃, is still able to maintain a comfortable somatosensory without overheating. Currently, the Ranger series intercity SNAFEL ™ nano airgel warm jacket, logged SNAFEL ™ at the official websiteLine pre-sale, and plans to launch one after another recently paid public project in crowdfunding platform, such as all goes well, expect the first users will be able to experience in October 2017 by the SNAFEL ™ airgel nano warm clothing brought full superiority. In addition, strong demand by those who first tried feedback, SNAFEL ™ airgel nano R & D team will continue to launch built by SNAFEL ™ airgel nano new material to keep warm pants, gloves and hats.