South University of Technology: \”Quantum approaching absolute zero resonance\”

South University of Technology (referred to as the STSP) is a starting point Shenzhen Under the background of Chinese reform and development of higher education, created high positioning of innovative public university, its role is to play a leading and exemplary role for the reform of higher education in China mission, and is committed to serving innovative country and Shenzhen innovative city construction. STSP comprehensive reform pilot was identified as the national school of higher education. In April 2012, the Ministry of Education agreed to the school and give schools to explore the modern university system with Chinese characteristics, explore the important mission of training mode of creative talents. Nearly two weeks South University of Technology outstanding scientific research, in \”Nature\”, \”Science\” bursts Salmon:

  • 2020 April 29, Department of Biology, Professor Guo Hongwei South University of Technology research group in \”Nature\” (Nature ) magazine published to \”Plant 22-nt siRNAs mediate translational repression and stress adaptation\” in the title of the research results. Plant breakthrough small RNA in the art to identify specific mutant into a large number of plant sources 22nt siRNA, discloses a 22nt Arabidopsis small RNA-mediated inhibition of translation of important biological functions of stress adaptation, the paper is by results.
  • April 30, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering Associate Professor Liu Wei book discussion group South University of Technology and the US National Academy of Engineering, MIT professor Gang Task Force achieved a major breakthrough on the ion type thermoelectric material at room temperature, synergistic effect is achieved up response entropy 17 mV / K giant thermoelectric potential effect in the quasi-solid ion diffusion through the gel entropy-reduction of oxide ions. Research published in the top journal \”Science\” (Science) in the form of First release.

May 8, South University of Technology Dean of Science, Professor of the Department of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Department of Chemistry Assistant Professor Yang Xueming Yang Tiangang invited in the journal \”Science\” ( Science [123 ]) commented on the article \”quantum resonances near absolute zero\”, to discuss the progress of atomic and molecular collision processes approaching absolute zero, quantum scattering resonance studies.杨天罡 toFirst author, Yang Xueming corresponding author for the article, the park much of the first communication unit. Collision energy control rule and a chemical reaction process atoms of the molecule by quantum mechanics. Understand the role of quantum effects in atomic and molecular collisions are understood fundamental energy transfer and chemical reaction process. The quantum effect can be better preserved at low temperature, low temperature impact collision results will be more significant. Quantum Resonance Scattering is provided a method for the experimental observation of quantum effects during a collision, but due to its short life, great challenge experimentally observed. Review article details the work on a very low temperature quantum scattering resonances same journal \”Science\” published. By using the (j = 1 / 2f) He beam source and a cold source beam techniques in conjunction with the reduction of NO Stark speed high-resolution imaging, high resolution can be realized Dutch scientists NO + He system collision at 0.3 ~ 12.3 K kinetics of inelastic scattering, and a plurality of resonance phenomenon is observed. More interestingly, the results can only be described, this also shows that the inelastic scattering system, the experimental scatter observed quantum resonance image for accurate calculation of a new development in the potential energy surface CCSDT (Q) quantum computing can accurately test results to help understand the quantum effect of collision energy transfer in molecule atoms. Review article also describes an example of a quantum approaching absolute zero resonance scattering plays an important role in the chemical reaction. F + H2 → HF + H HF generated during the reaction is an important molecule in interstellar chemistry. But the F + H2 reaction has a 1.8 kcal / mol barrier height (629 cm-1), under the classical model in near absolute zero chance of this reaction is completely ignored. 2019, DICP team by using H Rydberg states indicated the TOF spectrum technology, this evidence was observed when the reaction the reaction temperature is as low as 14 K (9.8 cm-1) still occurs at the same time observed about 40 cm-1 to a collision energy of the reaction formant. Further theoretical analysis shows that, F + H2 reactive at low temperatures, by reaction resonance states are enhanced tunneling effect produced, rather than the usual simple tunneling effect, which is close to absolute zero this reaction can still be the reason occurred. If resonances resonance enhancement effect caused by removal, F + H2 (v = 0, j = 0) at 10KTemperature of the reaction rate constant decreases three orders of magnitude or more. 南方科技大学:“趋近绝对零度的量子共振” Fig 1. F + H2 → HF + H ultracold chemical reaction resonance image of the physical article Finally, Advances approaching absolute zero quantum resonance due to new methods and new molecular beam detection technology development, the precise interaction between theory and experiment to promote the development in this field. Quantum Resonance Scattering contribute to a more profound understanding of the energy transfer during the reaction and the gas phase collisions, for understanding of complex systems such as interstellar chemistry, atmospheric, and other combustion processes is also important. Yang Xueming mainly engaged in gas-phase chemical kinetics and surface studies, published more than 300 papers, Science 12 Pian, Nature 1 piece, two-time research news China\’s top ten scientific and technological progress. The current National Natural Science Foundation of China chemical director of the Chinese Chemical Society thirtieth vice chairman of the Board, deputy editor of the AAAS Science Advances, American Chemical Society Journal of Physical Chemistry A / B / C Senior Editor, Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics editor, and editorial magazines such as Chemical Society Reviews. Yangtian Gang research microscopic mechanism of chemical reaction model, the cold reaction molecular dynamics, quantum control and precision measurement. Since doing research, focusing on reaction resonance states in chemical reactions in the role of quantum tunneling effect at low temperatures interstellar chemistry applications and low-temperature ion-molecule reaction dynamics launched a series of work-related achievements several times in the Science, Nat. Chem. , J. Phys. Chem. published Lett., and other international authoritative journals. Original link: https: // Yang Xueming personal home page: http: // Yang Tiangang personal home page: http: //faculty.sustech / yangtg / References: https: // sGrace measured .science ooo / articles / is 41557-019-0280-3