\”Strategic emerging industries category\” airgel will welcome outbreak

Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics released the \”emerging strategic industries classification (2018),\” one of its products as airgel insulation material insulation materials manufacturing, for the first time into the categories. 《战略性新兴产业分类》气凝胶将迎爆发 support attachment downloads: Strategic Emerging Industrial Classification (2018) .doc \”strategic new industry classification\” of old and new table .doc National Bureau of Statistics released the documents made it clear that the purpose of the enactment of this classification are: an accurate reflection of \”Thirteen five \”national strategic emerging industry development plan, the development needs to meet the estimated size, structure and speed of strategic emerging industries on statistics. This means that the airgel and its products can be ranked this document products and services, and other authorities are the National Bureau of Statistics that the \”strategic emerging industries.\” Strategic emerging industries, is built on the basis of a major breakthrough in cutting-edge technology, science and technology and represents the future direction of new industrial development, reflecting the world\’s knowledge-based economy, circular economy and low-carbon economic development trend is still in the early stages of growth, future development potential, with global economic and social industrial drive and the major leading role. 《战略性新兴产业分类》气凝胶将迎爆发 Audemars Piguet love and new materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Audemars Piguet and love), chairman Tian Lei have pointed out that aerogels and its products became one of the countries identified strategic emerging industries, means that authority institutions to have in-depth understanding of the advantages of this material, expectations of the application space of this material has a very high period. He said airgel material has been awarded 15 Guinness World Records, including \”the lowest thermal conductivity\” and \”lowest sound propagation speed\” These two, therefore, aerogels and their products really do a good job and one thermal insulation materials. Love and Love Piguet independent research, production Ming ® series airgel material, the thermal conductivity can be as low as 0.015W / (m · K), far below the convection-free air, is truly \”super insulation material\”, it has become traditional revolutionary alternative insulation materials, which is now widely used in transportation, petrochemical, thermal power and new energy. Tian Lei stressed that appeared in the \”strategic emerging industry classification (2018)\”, indicating that the market will usher in the outbreak of airgel material. Audemars Piguet love and will seize this opportunity to develop more and more advanced airgel material, more broadly change the world, to become the industry leader and standard setter, and make greater contribution to the national economy . Backgrounder strategic emerging industries \”emerging industries\” are newly established or re-shaping the industry, including the reasons for its scientific and technological innovation, new customer demand, changes in the relative cost structure, or because changes in the social and economic make new products or services have an opportunity to open up a new career. \”Strategic\” to emphasize its importance in the national economy and industrial structure adjustment. \”Emerging strategic industries\” scientific and technological innovation is the most concentrated areas of production, it is precisely because of its innovative highlight, and therefore have higher labor productivity, growth stage of industry life cycle curve of China. Starting from ten years ago, our country has always attached great importance to the development of \”strategic emerging industries\” and planning. In 2009, the State Council held the first forum on the development of strategic emerging industries. 2010 launch of the \”emerging strategic industries\” development plan, in the form of the State Council executive meeting box set of seven strategic emerging industries development goals. In 2012, the State Council executive meeting discussed and adopted the \”\” five \”national strategic emerging industry development plan\” to further clarify the focus on the development of seven strategic emerging industries and major tasks, so far, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries falling to the \”real office.\” 2016, the State Council issued \”\” Thirteen Five \”national strategic emerging industry development plan,\” the plan said, \”Thirteen Five\” period, make strategic emerging industries in economic and social development in a more prominent position, and vigorously to build a modern The new industrial system, promote economic and social sustainable and healthy development. In early 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the \”emerging strategic industries key products and services Guidance Catalog.\” The directory is divided into next-generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, biology, new energy, digital and creative industries five major areas of strategic emerging industries 8. By the end of 2018, the National Bureau of Statistics released the \”emerging strategic industries classification (2018),\” including: new generation of information technology industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new materials industry, bio-industry, new energy automotive industry, new energy industry, energy saving and environmental protection industry nine major areas of digital and creative industries, and other related services. Support download attachments: Strategic Emerging Industrial Classification (2018) .doc \”strategic new industry classification\” of old and new table .doc