Study Group to pay out by regulating the lamellar airgel is constructed so as to have excellent mechanical and elastic hydrophobic

Graphene is a two-dimensional honeycomb nanosheets carbon sp2 hybrid constructed embodiment, because of its excellent physical and chemical properties and a large theoretical specific surface area, in the field of optoelectronics, catalysis, sensors, environmental restoration, etc. are showing good application development prospects. Graphene sheets assembled three-dimensional network structure constructed aerogels, not only to maintain the excellent characteristics of good sheets, while environmental remediation applications also facilitate recovery and recycling, is an important development direction graphene application. Sol – gel graphene airgel is the most common method of making, but gelled sheet stacking assembly process inevitably face sheet layer may occur, resulting airgel specific surface area, more brittle structure, fragile. Although a large number of studies show that present to modify the structure by introducing a variety suppressed stacking sheets, and the like to enhance the mechanical properties of the airgel, but only by how easy regulation nanosheet layer structure itself can achieve the same purpose it is difficult to achieve. Urban Environment Research Institute, Chinese Academy nanoenvironment Functional Materials Group (paid out to study group) Graphene has been based on basic research, through the regulation of the distribution of the oxygen-containing nano-sheet structure, damage the surface of the original sheet stable hydrogen bonding network, the nano sheet wrinkles can occur in a simple aqueous solution, suppressing self-stacking sheet layers, found while using the airgel layer sheet construction has superior mechanical resilience and hydrophobic . The adsorption capacity of the airgel common organic solvents and oils up to 154-325 g / g, the adsorption capacity with respect to conventional airgel increased 224% -406%, Water can be applied to organic pollution efficient selective removal thereof. ​付明来研究组通过调控片层构建气凝胶,使之具有优异的机械弹性和疏水性 The research infrastructure based on nano-sheets, make full use of the advantages of two-dimensional material structure, optimize the performance of aerogels, but also stressed the importance of basic research structure. Related papers \”Tuning oxygen clusters on graphene oxide to synthesize graphene aerogels with crumpled nanosheets for effective removal of organic pollutants\” published in Carbon (Carbon 2019,143,897-907).The research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology project and the Sino-Japanese cooperation projects.