Surgical masks, demand for core meltblown

The outbreak, the mask has become the most important medical supplies. Masks are made of non-woven fabrics. Many non-woven fabrics in industrial uses, and which apply a non-woven fabric and China is closely related to another major disaster, and that is a non-woven geotextile in 1998 after floods widely used. In July 1998, when the newly formed the Yangtze River floods, when Sulzer weaving company sent a letter to Prime Minister, introduced the international geotextile applications and recommended the promotion of China in flood relief and post-disaster reconstruction applications. Foreign experts have lamented: \”If China is widely used in the construction of the dam geosynthetics, losses caused by the floods could be much smaller.\” And the fact is true. Experienced floods in 1991 in Jiangsu Province, and later on the use of geotextiles to reinforce dikes along the coast, while in 1998, Jiangsu dam would have withstood the test of flooding. Geotextile dikes against flooding help, because it has a filtration, drainage, separation, reinforcement, protective effect, can protect the earth and rock dam structure, reduce water erosion, and enhance the strength of the dam. In fact, before this, geotextiles in the country has a certain degree of application, but did not get much attention. But after making this recommendation Sulzer weaving companies, government attach great importance to early August the Prime Minister himself made important instructions, followed by the State Economic and Trade Commission to promote the use of geotextile issues made in the deployment of our country, the State Economic and Trade Commission will soon set up a promote the use of geotextile working group coordinated by the production and use of sector composed of, developed production and use of norms and standards geotextile. Today, the geotextile is already commonly used materials, are used in the field of water engineering, mining, high-speed rail, waste disposal and so on. Used in the construction of geotextiles and non-woven technology used on different masks, but as petrochemical raw material is the same, and that is polypropylene. I interviewed a senior engineer of a petrochemical state-owned enterprises, he said that 20 years ago, the factory where he recommended the development of polypropylene production technology, but the plant has not started in this field, has had to deeply regret. But from a national perspective, this plant is not done there will be other people to do, given the preliminary polypropylene synthetic materials, chemicals and low-end domestic surprisingly many, polypropylene production capacity now is certainly not the bottleneck masks to increase production. Engineering services in the past Polypropylene , it is easy to find a new arena. Visible from then to now, China\’s engineering applications has indeed been great progress, \”more difficult to make the country prosperous.\”It is also true to some extent. But the premise is not because of some progress put the mind blowing confused, to correctly understand and learn from their own shortcomings. A country\’s progress is related to all aspects of the short board make up another short board will come out, filled all people can live in peace, but this Qinan also. Or masks the problem. Ordinary non-woven mask, although the main ingredient, but it is only in the functionality of the core materials by filtration, the mask is called meltblown non-woven synthetic material. This material has very good filtering performance, blocking the spread of droplets in fact it is known as a mask \”heart\” of the title. Raw materials actually meltblown polypropylene, but its shape is relatively high, the process is very complex, scenario is not too much, it can produce much meltblown domestic enterprises. In order to show you something real stuff, Oil Stick with no pressure against the wedding ceremony, petrochemical find his friend to a non-exhaustive list of statistics about the country\’s capacity can only 150,000 tons / year [ 123], and is equivalent to 410 tons per day . According to the current consumption that masks how much of this material we need it? 1 t meltblown material can produce 250,000 protective masks, 410 tons of the country meltblown production capacity, full-horsepower Nissan can only support 100 million protective masks level . This is from the end of February production capacity of 180 million can be worse than the slightest bit, probably more out of capacity can only be non-woven masks to comfort it. In addition, according to that list, meltblown materials manufacturers all concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hunan, and another one each in Beijing Lu. Can also be seen from the layout, meltblown material is more true high-end petrochemical products in order to stay in these developed areas. But the mask itself is not a high-end production, heavily concentrated in the central region, such as Henan, Hubei. In the current closure of the traffic situation is still grim situation, meltblown production in eastern energy is not able to mask manufacturers is also a problem. From that point on, petrochemical national team and SAIC, BYD and other developed areas of the manufacturing sector is also involved in manufacturing masks no way to approach. Situ manufacturing, in situ digestion, in order for the precious best use of production capacity. You might say why not keep up with domestic, imported materials do not have it? The proportion of imports meltblown really pricey, mainly from the Asia-Pacific region and North America. Like the mobile phone industry in China was beaten senseless, LG brandSamsung, this time it holds meltblown production capacity of major South Korean chaebol cross-border power you not satisfied. Taiwan-based Taiwan\’s Formosa Plastics also meltblown giant, did not know then deliberately let the mainland Formosa Plastics Wang who defeated Mai City today is not ashamed of that. Quanzhou this year, but the descendants of opposition against the board of directors to invest in the mainland, as it sometimes does result lost grandson, Fujian introduction of technology also failed to be implemented. But the problem is that now China\’s shipping operation of the system is not spiritual. Services in Shanghai and Ningbo, two major port container truck drivers, optimistic estimates, only about 20 percent to Hong Kong, they are working overtime to eat or drink only clear the stack to improve the progress of 30%, which means that only maritime logistics restored to 30% drop in the bucket. Chemical timeliness is fairly low, and tears involved in reefer shipping had recovered from his. Saying far, shipping things next time we re-introduced, this is a terrible thing. or that mask back in meltblown Zhiwangbushang import, domestic production capacity scheduling difficult situation, we want to buy adequate, qualified, safety masks, have to wait a very long time. Usually we talk about Chinese manufacturing, not always a fear can not look. Indeed, in the terminal portion of the manufacturing industry and the whole industry chain, our industrial force nobody, but when it comes to high-end production capacity slightly, they often show embarrassment, such as self-sufficiency difficult meltblown material. But you can not say if they were not Chinese chemical manufacturing process is a simple non-woven fabric we want to have as many, have become a backward production capacity. Big but not strong, is a common problem in all walks of life, with no harm to reflect some disaster. But they can not reflect light, then come up with the introduction of polypropylene geotextile spirit of the introduction of meltblown materials, and other high-end technology of the moment, it is the way to make up the short board. The less fill the short board, long board is getting more people to have faith, only then is there, the state can have the power. The core material masks used is called meltblown polypropylene products of. It also belongs to a non-woven fabric in a broad sense, but because the shape is relatively high, not many scenarios, so domestic production capacity is rather limited. Coupled with the meltblown capacity allocation and capacity allocation have masks on geographical segment, the current outbreak of the critical moment to make protective masks level of capacity to go up is not easy. Now the situation has made new progress, Middle East, Japan and South Korea a few days ago after another outbreak of large-scaleepidemic. As crazy as outdoor beliefs Korea cult followers not contagious viruses are in the minority, the vast majority of the people of the world have Ximing, masks demand worldwide in the future it must be visibly jumped. Masks will be good business for quite some time to come. Naturally, as the meltblown core material will also become a good business. According to the price of the most simple principle of economics, you should be able to guess meltblown purchase price will certainly be increased. The fact is, the price rises even far beyond the magic realism imaginable limits. According to the survey surging News reporter, now meltblown the middlemen – between masks manufacturers price has soared from 20,000 yuan / ton on weekdays to 10 to 29 yuan / ton, price increases up to 10 times more likely no invoice. after seeing reports, I do find that the chemical Tian Zhelian friend asked a question the situation (sorry reason you should all know), he said that surging prices have delayed the spread of the highest circles price has reached 75 yuan / ton. Turned over 32 times, it is really good news. Meltblown prices soared overnight, mainly because of the demand of natural mask manufacturing side is too strong, the petrochemical industry a bit overwhelmed. The root cause of struggling to cope, meltblown fabric expansion difficulty is far greater than masks. Mask Making, even medical grade, For China manufacturing almost no difficulty. 200,000 masks a machine, but there are a large number of domestic supply, three barrels of oil to buy, buy car factory, do not even buy jeans cottage too, workers only need a simple training to posts. Masks capacity quickly pulled 110%, not only reflects the national will, also in line with the laws of production. But meltblown not the case. Last readers have suggested that we do not already know meltblown production technology yet? Why say it\’s short board it? We did not explain the strange fact is that meltblown production, although China has, but the manufacturing meltblown chemical equipment we do not grasp. The current international meltblown equipment is mainly in the hands of German companies, domestic equipment are just chipping away. This is not a problem importing countries gave an order can be solved. Meltblown burqa masks the neck, half past one would really not be untied. State must know this is difficult. There are converting business people filing said meltblown production capacity, it is recommended to use almost one property of the nanofiber membrane replacement, the structure is probably the figure belowsuch. 医用口罩核心熔喷布需求大增 This material is known as electrospinning, the 1990s appeared in the United States, in the gas phase and liquid phase two states have a filtration performance, and many domestic scientific research institutions and colleges material units have studied this material, It is said that the latest applications in electric car battery separator. I checked the domestic patent system and found that electrostatic spinning mass production facilities in the country have been invented, but the specific application is how much capacity is still nobody knows for sure. Science and technology and in fact, nobody knows for sure is to do the traditional arts. So electrospinning masks batch launch date, but also a high probability nobody knows for sure, protective masks level of production capacity, and also have to wait, meltblown price pressures, manufacturers have to endure, this is no way to do . Compare worrying, in the manufacture of back-end crackdown on price limit masks. At present the country have launched against the epidemic masks price management policy, the general provisions of the purchase and sale price difference between 15 to 35%, and only twice allowed Shanghai to sell, this is a no profit pricing range. And the purchase price is not updated in real time, in the practical implementation of many of the primary sector will be determined in accordance with the pricing of the purchase price in normal times. 医用口罩核心熔喷布需求大增 retail masks forced to lose money. As a result, the regular retail purchase is certainly not a positive, high-priced factory supply only the black market. The more serious blow, the higher the risk premium on the black market, and finally you can buy the less expensive masks compliance. With more and more serious outbreak abroad, the outflow rate masks will be accelerated. Most unsatisfactory situation is that some countries masks completely limited market price, all black masks into the country, but a steady supply of masks, and the Chinese people holding money can not buy compliance masks. By the time the first shot a few iron do not solve the problem, brokers may engage in civil disobedience thing. Such foreign exchange earnings by masks, really stupid.