• Major application airgel material in the battery industry is what?

    Major application airgel material in the battery industry is what? , The battery industry is currently the most widely used is the lithium-ion battery, the appliance market from mobile phones, computers, ipad, to power in the field of new energy vehicles, cruise ships, to the weapons and equipment used in thermal batteries, lithium ion batteries shadow everywhere. However, the lithium ion battery due to its structural characteristics and the nature of the material led to its inevitable safety concerns. For example, the lithium ion battery separator interposed between the positive and negative strength and thermal stability is not ideal, easily lead to internal short circuit of the battery; higher temperatures, strongly exothermic reaction inside the battery results in the lithium ion occurs

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  • Airgel insulations

    Airgel insulation mat, the airgel is a silica airgel insulations as the main raw material, through high-tech composite process. Airgel insulation mat flexibility, environmental protection, radiation can be suppressed, flexible airgel mat construction, low thermal conductivity which can be used to -200 ℃ 1000 ℃ temperature range insulation, construction, industrial pipe, the most ideal areas of insulation materials and other equipment, is one of the world\’s most advanced new energy-saving insulation materials. Airgel insulation mat Features: 1, the thinner the thickness of the airgel cold insulations low thickness to achieve the same effect cold conventional materials, more cold loss

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  • Main characteristics of the airgel insulation materials insulations

    Airgel insulation felt main characteristics of the insulation material, airgel insulation mat by a special process with silica airgel nano inorganic fiber composite material made of a flexible blanket insulation. Aerogels are known to the lowest thermal conductivity of solid material, so that its special structure FMA650 low thermal conductivity, waterproof fire, green superior performance, is the best choice pipes, equipment insulation material, having a thermal insulation revolutionary material. For decades, people have high performance airgel were studied. Airgel insulation performance, although excellent, but because of its brittleness great, not a long time to get practical. 7

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  • Airgel insulations: excellent energy-saving insulating material

    Airgel insulations: excellent energy-saving heat insulating material, a material having a singular insulating airgel insulation properties. It has been around for 70 years (1931 invention). It is light silicic amorphous material formed after the liquid component of the gel is substituted with a gas. Which is a porous three-dimensional network structure form, wherein the solid volume of only 3%, the remaining 97% of the volume is composed of extremely fine nanoporous air, room air movement is small, thus suppressing the convection heat transfer and the gas phase. These properties make aerogels become the world\’s lowest density solid and most effective thermal insulation material. For decades, people have gas

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