• Alternatively straw Magical graphene airgel high efficiency desalination

    Magical replace straw graphene airgel to achieve high efficiency desalination, water is essential for survival and development of human society of important natural resources. However, due to the uneven distribution of the limited reserves of a large number of safe and clean water, there are currently more than one billion people suffer from a shortage of drinking water. Solar steam generation technology may be one of the sustainable use of solar energy to alleviate the shortage of drinking water the most promising technologies. Light hot gel (PTMs is), by converting solar energy into heat is concentrated at the surface thereof, a thin layer of rapidly heating and evaporation of water, steam rate, and to achieve high energy conversion efficiency. Among them, three-dimensional (

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  • Aerogels in the end is what material?

    What airgel material in the end, an airgel is defined:? Airgel, also called xerogels, the chemical solution is reacted first to form a sol, gelling the gel and then obtained by removing the gel solvent a spatial network structure is obtained in filled with a gas, solid appearance was very low density (close to the air density) of a porous material. Aerogels having ultra low density, nanoporous, characterized in that the ultrafine pore size and porous honeycomb structure are connected by polymeric chains interconnected together. Pore ​​size generally less than 100nm, the size of the airgel particles is typically less than 20nm. It may be formed of an inorganic material (such as silica,

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  • The liquid crystal graphene research on the New Development

    Advances in Research on the new crystal graphite eligible alkenyl, stone Tsinghua University in Shanghai Institute of TF full high X-ray small angle light scattering beamlines support of eligible important progress in the field of liquid crystal graphene research. Graphene oxide has been successfully used for high-strength fibers and films prepared graphene. Normal size graphene oxide, forming the nematic liquid crystal requires a high concentration of highly oriented, but is not suitable for high concentration of low density airgel graphene. Therefore developed a new method enables the graphene oxide crystal is formed at a low concentration prepared graphene alignment is the crux of the problem airgel. Researchers graphene oxide was added to the base solution,

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  • Industrialization may be cost-efficient technology elastic nanotube airgel

    Industrialization may be cost-efficient technology elastic nanotube airgel, porous materials, for example: nano airgel, metal foam, in the light load-bearing structure, heat insulation device, the energy absorbing molecule absorbent material and plays an important role. Wherein the carbon nanotube aerogels because of its excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical properties occupies a very important position in the porous material. But how efficiently produced at low cost structure and stable carbon nanotube airgel has been a bottleneck restricting its industrialization. Recently, Liqing Wen researcher Professor Li Min and Northern Suzhou nano the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a high-elasticity carbon nanotube aerogels with high

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  • Singapore scientists to convert waste tire rubber as a multi-purpose airgel

    Singapore scientists will scrap tire rubber is converted into a multi-purpose airgel, in addition to daily hear the \”white pollution\”, in addition to \”color pollution\” – scrap textile pollution, \”black pollution\” – pollution rubber tire. Each year, the world produces about ten one hundred million discarded tires, rubber tires, although very durable, but once the waste can not be biodegradable. Currently, only 40% of waste tires are recycled into low value-added products; 49% incinerated, but burning rubber will produce toxic substances, hazardous to health and safety; and 11% of landfill, but the landfill is not sustainable because the landfill has been used up

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  • An annual output of 60,000 cubic meters of airgel blancos ecological science and technology park project located in Chenzhou, Hunan

    An annual output of 60,000 cubic meters of airgel blancos ecological science and technology park project located in Chenzhou, Hunan Province, March 21 morning, held in Chenzhou City, Singapore blancos ecological science and technology park project signed groundbreaking ceremony cum. Mayor Liu Zhiren, Singapore blancos Holdings Limited CEO Wu Wei Tao attended the ceremony and participated in a groundbreaking event. On the symposium, Liu Zhiren welcome Singapore enterprises to invest in the development of Chenzhou. Liu Zhiren hope blancos company Singapore advanced management concept to Chenzhou, first-class design, first-class management, first-class operation, first-class team, to create blancos Health Technology

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  • Analysis of airgel lower prices of raw materials will be reduced if

    Analysis of airgel whether lower prices will reduce raw material, energy-saving insulation material in our early 80s really began to develop, from the beginning, and more development in the industrial field of application to be widely used in the field of building insulation, and its prospects even more ambitious. In this vibrant industry, airgel composite products but also because of its overall performance unmatched become the focus of attention, but the price is relatively airgel is relatively high, to this end, the reporter interviewed the Chinese energy-saving insulation materials Association executive vice president, asked her to introduce future development of energy-saving insulation material current developments and airgel composite article from a professional point of view

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  • Highly durable airgel could eventually become a spacecraft insulation upgrades

    Highly durable airgel could eventually become a spacecraft insulation upgrade, ultra-light ceramic high temperature! Highly durable airgel could eventually become collaborators upgrade UCLA researchers spacecraft insulation and eight other research institutions have created a very light, very durable ceramic airgel. Such materials may be used for thermal insulation applications such as spacecraft, space missions because it can withstand high temperatures and are subjected to severe temperature changes. Since the 1990s, ceramic airgel has been used to isolate industrial equipment, and is used to isolate science in NASA\’s Mars rover mission

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  • Nature Sub Series: Ultimate photothermal effect graphene airgel

    Nature Sub Series: Ultimate photothermal effect graphene airgel, Nature sub JOURNAL: Ultimate photothermal effect graphene airgel, the final proof of the photothermal acoustic graphene airgel (PTA) efficiency, depending on their specific heat and optical properties can be achieved experimentally by lowering its mass density. A brief introduction of the sound generated in a passive optical devices, amplification, modulation, and the ability to mix sound without harmonic distortion will completely change the acoustic field. Like the conventional speaker, light thermoacoustic (PTA) allow the conversion of light to effect sound, without any moving parts and a large amount of organic electrically connected. Moreover, PT

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  • I think happy on Mars? Aerogels can not do no

    I think happy on Mars? No airgel can not do that with the continuous deterioration of the global environment, it has long been suggested to explore Mars. A paper published in 1971, the astronomer Carl Sagan (CarlSagan) had proposed a transformation of Mars \”second Earth\” idea of ​​adult classes. His proposal was evaporated by Mars Arctic ice so that the thickness of the atmosphere of Mars Earth\’s atmosphere is increased and the degree of similar thickness, then increase the greenhouse temperature so that the surface of Mars appears liquid surface of Mars. The idea is good, but the latter have found that this method is not sufficient to researchers

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