• Status airgel insulation coating and Future Directions

    Status airgel insulation coating and the future direction, the airgel is an internal network structure filled with the gas, presenting the appearance of a very low density of the porous solid material. It is generally made up of a network of nanoparticles composed of mutually crosslinked, wherein the interior of the pores is mainly a microporous particles, mostly between the particles and the particles are macroporous or mesoporous on 2nm. Its density is very low (3kg / m3), he was awarded the Guinness Book of Records \”the world\’s lightest solid\” title. Nanoporous airgel as a new structural material of solid material, having excellent lightweight properties, heat insulation, transparency, heat, fire and the like. Classification component is configured from gas

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  • Airgel take you into the world

    Takes you into the airgel world, nanoscale structure materials referred to as nano-materials, broadly speaking, three-dimensional space has at least one dimension in the nanoscale range general term ultra-fine particulate material. Airgel, is a new material having a nanoporous structure, Guinness Book of Records 15 record, display many peculiar properties, the world is called magic change material thermal, optical, electrical, mechanical, acoustic fields, column since the 1990s into the 20th century, one of the top 10 science and technology, is a dual-use technology has great application value. Airgel, also called xerogels, the chemical solution is reacted first to form a sol, and then pour

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  • Airgel particles / powder

    Airgel particles / powders, airgel particles / powders is a three-dimensional network structure of silica nano material having a porosity as high as 80 to 99.8%, concentrated in pore size 10-50nm. Aerogels are \”lightest solid known in the world\”, density of up to 1.5mg / ml, an airgel block size finger on rose petals, no sign of bending of petals. Note: This product is airgel materials, mainly for the development of new materials, welcome other companies to develop new products together with the depth. Low thermal conductivity KSL6 porosity of 99.8%, specific surface area of ​​about 800 to 150

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