• Alternatively straw Magical graphene airgel high efficiency desalination

    Magical replace straw graphene airgel to achieve high efficiency desalination, water is essential for survival and development of human society of important natural resources. However, due to the uneven distribution of the limited reserves of a large number of safe and clean water, there are currently more than one billion people suffer from a shortage of drinking water. Solar steam generation technology may be one of the sustainable use of solar energy to alleviate the shortage of drinking water the most promising technologies. Light hot gel (PTMs is), by converting solar energy into heat is concentrated at the surface thereof, a thin layer of rapidly heating and evaporation of water, steam rate, and to achieve high energy conversion efficiency. Among them, three-dimensional (

    Industry trends 2020年5月2日
  • 3D bilayer polymer foam, high power solar desalination

    3D double-layered polymer foam, high efficiency solar power desalination, Professor Jing Liu right of Materials Science and Engineering, Qingdao University team has made significant progress in the field of solar desalination. They developed large size, low cost, durable 3D double-layered polymer foam and its application in solar desalination in order to \”Scalableandrobustbilayerpolymerfoamsforhighlyefficientandstablesolardesalination\” was published in prestigious journals Na Nano energy sector

    Industry trends 2020年2月9日