• Strength of up to 1.1GPa graphene film to achieve large-scale, continuous production!

    Strength of up to 1.1GPa graphene film to achieve large-scale, continuous production! As two-dimensional material first to be discovered and studied, graphene has extremely excellent physical and mechanical properties, such as tensile strength inner surface theory, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity were up 130GPa, 108Sm-1 and 5300Wm-1K- 1, it is considered the best and most promising structural and functional materials. In order to obtain graphene macro applications, the current mainstream strategy is small-sized graphene derivative (such as graphene oxide GO) to assemble the macro films, fibers, or bulk material by various methods. However

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  • Waves constantly! After 5 90 bursts of five CNS brother and sister division within a month! One for all, \”waves are\” How to Make?

    Waves constantly! After 5 90 bursts of five CNS brother and sister division within a month! One for all, \”waves are\” How to Make? , May 6, known as the \”graphene pilots,\” the boy genius Cao original 95 respectively in 2018 following back to back in Nature published a major research results, again in the first author and co-corresponding author on the Nature bursts of two papers. Moment maxed circle of friends, known as the \”tsunami.\” Cao was originally a Chinese HKUST Youth Class 10 students, university teacher Lan Rong teacher. Cao more than the original, in recent days, China HKUST Youth Class is a \”choppy.\” May

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  • SEM can do that play? Graphene to \”bath\” to achieve atomic cleanliness

    SEM can do that play? Graphene to \”take a bath\” to achieve atomic cleanliness, electron microscopy in addition to taking pictures, but also to do more cool do you want? Germany Erlangen – Nuremberg University professor ErdmannSpiecker and colleagues recently demonstrated a new play electric mirrors. They arm by the addition of a piezoelectric scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) apparatus, to achieve the surface of the graphene film in situ cleaning, the cleanliness of which the atomic level. In addition, the authors adsorbed graphene grown on a clean surface with a specific surface of the graphene. Graphene cleaning dust using the graphene surface

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  • Zhejiang University superb team: basic research and application development of graphene

    Zhejiang University superb team: Graphene basic research and application development, in 2013 the twelfth Zhejiang Province Youth Science and Technology Award winner. Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, doctoral tutor, director of the Institute of Polymer Science. Research on graphene materials mainly engaged. 2013 National Outstanding Youth Fund, Ministry of Science and in 2014 was selected \”Innovative programs to promote young scientific and technological innovation leading talent\”, 2015, elected to the national \”people plan\” scientific and technological innovation leading talent. Set a record at that time the world\’s lightest material \”all carbon airgel\”, but 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter

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  • \”Father Mxene of\” Yury Gogotsi: – the text read Mxene Raman spectroscopy

    \”Father Mxene of\” YuryGogotsi: – the text read Mxene Raman spectroscopy, MXenes, as a large class of 2D transition metal carbides, nitrides or carbonitrides, causing great concern to the researchers, the main by selective etching of the corresponding phase a MAX precursor atomic layer etched to form a layered structure. 2D, in which the chemical and structural versatility in terms of such MXenes having high conductivity and large surface area other competitive advantages of two-dimensional graphene material, in many applications, particularly in the field of batteries, super capacitors and catalytic

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  • Alternatively straw Magical graphene airgel high efficiency desalination

    Magical replace straw graphene airgel to achieve high efficiency desalination, water is essential for survival and development of human society of important natural resources. However, due to the uneven distribution of the limited reserves of a large number of safe and clean water, there are currently more than one billion people suffer from a shortage of drinking water. Solar steam generation technology may be one of the sustainable use of solar energy to alleviate the shortage of drinking water the most promising technologies. Light hot gel (PTMs is), by converting solar energy into heat is concentrated at the surface thereof, a thin layer of rapidly heating and evaporation of water, steam rate, and to achieve high energy conversion efficiency. Among them, three-dimensional (

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  • Add a small amount of the graphene can significantly improve the strength of carbon fiber

    Add a small amount of the graphene can significantly improve the strength of carbon fiber, a carbon fiber (in CFs) are inorganic fibers after a high-performance, and a polymer, ceramic or metal composite material, prepared of a high strength, high stiffness, low density, corrosion and composite material fatigue have important uses in many fields of aerospace, automotive, military, sports, and therefore in the laboratory and industrial production, carbon fiber materials are the focus of the study. As another star of the carbon material graphene since the birth of concern. Wherein a large amount of work the composite material of high strength polymer-yl show: Graphene has unique physicochemical properties can be

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  • University of California, Santa Cruz: 3D printing graphene airgel supercapacitors can be made strong

    University of California, Santa Cruz: 3D printing graphene airgel supercapacitors can be made powerful, scientists have recently reported an unprecedented performance the result of a super capacitor electrode. Researchers selected airgel is a graphene material, and using a 3D printer technology, constructed of a porous three-dimensional scaffold with pseudocapacitive electrode material. In laboratory tests, the new area of ​​the electrode to achieve the highest capacitance (per unit electrode surface area of ​​each store charge) of the supercapacitor report ever. University of California Santa Cruz and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists in recent

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  • In hybrid red phosphorus flame retardant prepared graphene isocyanate groups polyimide (PI) foam

    Red phosphorus hybrid graphene prepared isocyanate group flame retardant polyimide (PI) foam, a flame retardant high performance is important to control the fire. However, the conventional flame retardant has toxicity, and lack the mechanical properties meet modern applications. Technical Institute of Physics researcher Geng new team, with red phosphorus flame retardant graphene hybrid, the preparation is excellent in flame retardancy, while having an isocyanate lightweight properties and high mechanical strength yl polyimide (PI) foam, as shown in FIG. Graphene sheet and a covalent bond between the polymer foam matrix PI provides a high Young\’s modulus (83kNmkg-1) for,

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  • Preparation of Fudan work together to achieve the Singapore National graphene aqueous phase with high efficiency

    Preparation of National graphene to achieve high efficiency of the aqueous phase Singapore Fudan hand in hand, existing material graphene is the thinnest, highest strength, thermal conductivity best novel two-dimensional material, intelligent equipment, aerospace, energy storage and the environment management and many other areas of application has great potential, is an important strategic emerging materials. However, how to achieve high-quality graphene with high efficiency, large-scale preparation, has been a key problem restricting the large-scale application. Ideal solution is from natural flake graphite, graphene to be peeled off in the liquid phase. According to experts, to avoid irreversible aggregation graphene, typically require specific release phase

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