• Fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae DNA hydrogels wire process control circuit switching

    Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation process control DNA hydrogels wire circuit switch, the recent School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Professor Yang Dayong research group published research on yeast fermentation process control DNA hydrogels wire circuit switch on AdvancedScience. A new strategy for constructing ultra-soft dynamic DNA hydrogels prepared to make ultra-fast response and high sensitivity to small changes in solvent polarity, the software DNA hydrogels, water and successfully applied to DNA of Saccharomyces yeast fermentation process control gel conductor circuit system. PhD Graduate School of Chemical Engineering of Tianjin University graduate Cui Yu and Han Jinpeng

    Industry trends 2020年5月27日
  • Long-lasting hydrogel for targeting, imaging, and tumor metastasis without continuous auto-fluorescence

    Long-lasting hydrogel for targeting for imaging and tumor metastasis without autofluorescence, metastatic lesion often the main reason for the failure of cancer treatment. Tumor metastasis refers to tumor cells via lymphatic and blood vessels to reach other parts of the route from the primary site to continue the growth of metastases formation. Metastases generally small size, shape and diverse, randomly distributed in different organs, leading to cancer is difficult to cure. Therefore, the development of monitoring tumor metastasis A new method to study the metastatic behavior of tumor cells, is important for tumor therapy. Recently, the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Professor Yang Dayong research group designed and synthesized a long

    Industry trends 2020年5月27日
  • DNA hydrogel networks stem cell-specific trapping efficiency

    DNA hydrogel network-specific stem cells to achieve efficient capture, recently, Yang Dayong research group Institute of Chemical Technology, Tianjin University published research on DNA hydrogel network capture stem cells in JournaloftheAmericanChemicalSociety. School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Dr. Yao Han Tang pool and graduate students as co-first authors. Study was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation. Related achievements China has applied for patents for inventions. Stem cells are pluripotent cells with a class of self-replication, wherein the mesenchymal stem cells have unique biological functions, such as

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  • Gospel diabetes: Nanjing University developed a gel patch microalgae treatment of chronic wounds

    Gospel diabetes: Nanjing University developed a microalgae gel patch treatment of chronic wounds, diabetes is one of the threats to human health and life safety of major diseases, and the prevalence of diabetes in the world has increased year by year. Currently, up to 25% of patients with diabetes due to poor blood circulation and wound complications and other chronic non-healing wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), severe cases can lead to amputation. Studies have shown that diabetes is delayed healing of chronic wounds caused by hypoxia impaired neovascularization results, therefore, reduced in the anoxic treatment of chronic wounds is urgent clinical treatment of diabetes

    Industry trends 2020年5月24日
  • Macroscopic phase separation hydrogel microspheres

    Hydrogel microspheres macroscopic phase separation, the development of high mechanical strength, good flexibility and crack hydrogels have great academic and practical significance. Bis researchers typically by designing hydrogels, hydrogel slip ring, nanocomposite hydrogels, hydrogels topology and other ionically crosslinked hydrogels strategy to achieve high strength hydrogels. But the rational design of the next generation of hydrogels also affected by lack of research on the mechanism of strengthening. At present, the mechanism under strong hydrogel obtained is always derived from the microscopic and macroscopic properties of the network structure, i.e. the conformation affect the morphology and mechanical strength of the assembly is still at level assumptions. Therefore, the need to develop an effective technique

    Industry trends 2020年5月21日
  • Cao Yi Nanjing University team: recent advances in the synthesis of protein hydrogel

    Cao Yi Nanjing University Team: recent advances in protein synthesis hydrogel, the hydrogel is chemically or physically crosslinked polymer network water-swellable synthetic soft material. Because of its excellent biocompatible / biodegradable, similar to natural tissue and organs of the mechanical properties and environmental responsiveness, hydrogels have been widely used in biomedical applications, including drug delivery, biosensors, tissue engineering synthesis of regenerative medicine and extracellular matrix (ECM). Recently, many biological molecules, including proteins, peptides, DNA and RNA are used as synthetic hydrogel structural unit. Protein hydrogel because it can be designed and

    Industry trends 2020年5月16日
  • Wireless charging electrochemiluminescence hydrogel – new source remote activation light-sensitive protein

    Wireless charging ECL hydrogel remote activation of new light-sensitive protein source, I believe we will not feel strange phone wireless charging, charging this new way so that we get rid of the shackles of the charging cable, simply attach the phone to charge can be achieved on the base charge for mobile phones, the principle used here is well-known electromagnetic induction, which has a large penetration depth features. Recently, the Institute of Chemistry Lvfeng Ting et al wireless charging system for producing electrochemiluminescence using an electromagnetic induction phenomenon successful remote activation light-sensitive protein, compared to conventional activation method of near-infrared light has a greater penetration depth,

    Industry trends 2020年5月16日
  • Fellow Harvard University Zhigang Suo team: cycle stretching 30,000 times without any pressure! A reinforced gel material, gel material highly resistant to fatigue advent

    Fellow Harvard University Zhigang Suo team: cycle stretching 30,000 times without any pressure! A reinforced gel material, gel material highly resistant to fatigue advent stretchable material (such as an elastomer, hydrogel, organogel, and ion gel) in tissue repair, drug delivery, robot, ion electronics, bioelectronics synthetic biology, and wearable devices are widely used. When these materials are subjected to a load, must be resistant to crack growth to prevent material failures, this capability can be measured by toughness and Γ under monotonic loading threshold Γth under cyclic loading. The picture shows the material toughness – threshold table, indicated by diagonal lines in FIG.

    Industry trends 2020年5月12日
  • \”Plaything not despondent.\” – The black Plasticine \”play out\” new uses photothermal conversion

    \”Plaything does not get tired of\” – this black rubber cement to \”play out\” photothermal conversion novel use rubber cement-based materials due to the nature of its tunable mechanical properties, unique and reproducible viscoelastic behavior shaping, bionic robots emerging field of energy storage and conversion devices such as smart sensing and has potential applications. In the process of the function-based rubber clay materials tend to add additional nanofillers, such as metal nanowires, carbon nano material, or a conductive polymer. But these nano-fillers will add extra heterogeneous aggregation and phase separation occurs in materials like rubber cement, to the detriment of macroeconomic stability and mechanical properties of the material.

    Industry trends 2020年5月5日
  • Programming the shape and deformation of the protein hydrogel methods Breakthrough!

    Programming the shape and deformation of the protein hydrogel methods Breakthrough! Dynamic biological material is a class of conformational change can be simulated may be artificial tissue material, the morphology change, which can be made use of to be able to react to changes in the environment and the robot simulation software. The most common shape of the deformable material is currently based crosslinked polymer material, and the need to switch between the hard and soft hardness. These materials typically rely on two or more backbone networks and share the same three-dimensional (3D) space, has small ions or chemical reaction. However, this type of material original shape recovery is required from soft to hard phase

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