• Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Professor Wei Jie team: \”never fade,\” the near-infrared light in response to real-time structural color flexible screen

    Professor Wei Jie Beijing University of Chemical groups: \”never fade\” near-infrared light in response to real-time color flexible screen structure, the photonic crystal can be stimuli responsive outside the field excitation as the action of temperature, electric field, magnetic field the pH, solvents and drugs photonic crystal changes Further structural changes color lattice spacing. In various stimuli, the non-contact driving mode, especially in the near-infrared light, has a strong penetrating characteristics and the heat adjustable and controllable during irradiation, having a remote drive, and immunotherapy precision medical fields potential applications. However, the rapid preparation of large-area photonic crystal device is a real-time response photonic crystal solid solution

    Industry trends 2020年5月11日