• The Prospect airgel materials from thermal insulation properties

    The Prospect airgel materials from thermal insulation performance, at 1:18 on December 13, Beijing Chaoyang a fire from the building five people were killed and nine injured. December 1 at 4 pm, Hexi District, a building caught fire, leaving a total of 10 people were killed and five people were injured. November 18 18 am, Beijing Daxing District, the new town Xihongmen village, Auspicious edge the apartment fire, the accident has killed 19 people were killed and eight people were injured, the victims, there are eight children. September 25 00 am, Yuhuan City Tamaki Street fire houses, a total of 11 people were killed and two seriously injured. At 17:00 on February 5

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  • Airgel cloth

    Cloth airgel, airgel distribution characteristics: a silica airgel and cotton / textile and composite yarn, the composite surface may be of different product lines and the like functional material. Airgel cloth Product properties: thermal conductivity: 0.012-0.020W / m · K Density: 120-220kg / m3 hydrophobic: superhydrophobic Temperature: -100 ~ 210 ℃ Packing: package weight: 15, 35, 60, 90, etc. width: 1500mm, large airgel fabric accept custom application areas: airgel fabric is mainly used for outdoor protective equipment, such as windbreaker, warm clothing, warm pants, shoes, socks, insoles, stockings

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  • The method of preparing silica airgel in the research and development process and

    Silica aerogels preparation and research and development process, many people think that the airgel is the latest product of technology. In fact, in 1931, scientists made the first airgel. At that time, California Stockton, California Institute of Peace Steven Koestler first to prove \”gel\” is included in the continuous web-like solid wet gel of the same size and shape. And this hypothesis proved most obvious approach is to remove liquid from the wet gel without damage to its solid content. In general, however, this method will encounter significant obstacles, difficult to achieve. If the wet gel can be dried simply, the gel of the present

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  • Silica airgel thermal properties and its application

    Thermal properties of silica airgel and its application, airgel silica is a synthetic amorphous silica, and crystalline silica are significantly different. Silicone molecule is composed of a silicon atom and two oxygen atoms. Shown, there are two basic forms of silica gel follows: amorphous silica and crystalline silica. If the silicone molecule may be arranged neatly and the repetitive pattern is formed, compared with the crystalline silica. If silica gel molecular irregular arrangement, compared with amorphous silica. Silica aerogels also known as \”blue smoke\”, \”solid smoke\”, is the lightest known solid material, and so far the best insulation material properties. Because of its porous structure nano

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  • Silica airgel or allow Mars to become livable

    Silica airgel or Mars will also make livable, polar ice caps on Mars is a combination of water ice and frozen carbon dioxide. Source: physicist organizational network of Science and Technology Daily Beijing July 16 (Reporter Liu Xia) According to physicist organizational network reported on the 15th, people have dreamed of reshaping the Martian climate, making it suitable for human habitation. Scientists have proposed various methods, but can not be realized. Now, from Harvard University, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the University of Edinburgh researchers have proposed a new method carried out in the local: add a thin layer of silica airgel on the Martian surface area. By modeling and experiments,

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  • Mars becomes the new planet Mars makeover to achieve it?

    Mars becomes the new planet Mars makeover to achieve it? In 1971, the astronomer Carl? Sagan proposed \”planetary engineering\” Mars Polar water to melt the ice, creating a mild environment. Astrobiologist Chris McKay Iraq as long as there is enough carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water on Mars, it is entirely possible for the transformation of the planet Mars. But according to a new study, the prior art can not transform the Martian environment. Mars, the planet of transformation process some scientists think Mars the planet of transformation is not a distant dream. If we can make this dream into reality, deathly silence Mars will become a vibrant

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  • Harvard University study showed that silica aerogels can make Mars habitable parts of

    Harvard University study showed that silica aerogels can make Mars habitable parts of Mars is a very desolate place, now, Harvard University researchers have demonstrated that a thin layer of silica airgel surface can be heated and block ultraviolet radiation, visible light through while still. This may be enough to keep the water liquid, so plant photosynthesis in a given area. Although Mars was once a lush, humid world that can sustain life, but that is definitely not what we know today of the red planet. Modern Mars is a dry shell, where only water is still locked in the polar ice caps or deep underground

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  • It can help mankind to achieve emigrated to Mars silica airgel in the end how much?

    It can help mankind to achieve emigrated to Mars silica airgel in the end how much? 1971, astronomer Carl Sagan put forward the concept of \”planetary engineering\”, specifically, is the thawing of the polar water ice on Mars, thereby creating a more benign environment. 2018, US scientists found that even if all the available resources on Mars for processing, they can only let the atmospheric pressure reached about 7% of the Earth. Now, scientists have also proposed a new idea, the use of silica airgel simulate the Earth\’s greenhouse effect, and thus a specific area of ​​the surface of Mars to be transformed. It can help mankind to achieve silica airgel moved to Mars

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  • Silica airgel material or enhance localized surface temperature of Mars

    Silica airgel material or can improve in some areas of Mars surface temperature, US researchers has proposed using silica airgel material as \”insulation was\” temperature can reach minus 90 degrees Celsius in the winter night in the middle latitudes of Mars manufacturing greenhouse effect, so that some areas of Mars become livable. Researchers bold vision, this material is expected to become future human settlement of Mars construction materials used. American astronomer, science writer Carl Sagan had a bold vision gasification Mars Arctic ice cap, with the greenhouse effect to raise the temperature of Mars, so Mars become livable. But a study last year, NASA revealed this

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  • Airgel insulation coating nano

    Airgel insulation coatings Nano nano airgel insulation coating is the lightest, the best insulation performance of solid material, based on silica airgel particles are SiO2 colloid skeleton composed of a high-nanometer specific surface area, high porosity, low density, low thermal conductivity of porous material. Airgel coating properties due to the airgel structure itself, can effectively reduce the transmission of heat, play to improve the environment and reduce energy consumption effect. Nanoporous airgel destroyed and three-dimensional network structure of the matrix of the heat conduction path, which is an important reason for having a low thermal conductivity. Unique structure limits the empty nanopore

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