Take you no dead-round understanding of the airgel

\” Aerogels \” The word appeared more and more frequently in recent years, especially in the thirteenth five-year plan in pen and ink chapters emphasize the role of new materials strategy, airgel as an advanced new materials again It has become the focus of attention. According to market research firm Allied June 2014 released the report, the global airgel market value is expected to reach $ 1,896,600,000 in 2020, the annual compound growth rate over the forecast period (from 2014-2020) was 36.4%. With the airgel material exploration in new areas of application continuous improvement, the market is expected, over time the market growth momentum will be further enhanced. Development airgel What is the significance? from the national strategic level, the new material is the upgrading of traditional industries driven by revolutionary forces, is a matter of national security strategic industries. The domestic industry to develop new materials, new materials to enhance the domestic industry manufacturing standards, so as to continuously improve the advanced polymer materials and special metal functional materials self-sufficiency level. Then compare the new materials enterprises at home and abroad, the United States 3M, DuPont, Germany\’s BASF, Bayer, Mitsubishi Chemical of Japan occupied most of the international market share, many of whom are market capitalization of over 100 billion dollars giants. The other hand, domestic new materials enterprises, A-share market capitalization of leading Guoshuo not billions of dollars. Why is there such a big gap, the gap between the start time is one of the reasons, but the main reason is that in the country, the new material has not been seen as a cause of long-term sustainable development. So, how to make the new material Constant \”new\” is a question worth considering. At present, new materials enterprises want comprehensive, all-around beyond foreign giants, is not realistic in a short time. However, in key areas such as nano-materials, but there is the sudden emergence of the space and capacity. After the talk finished first and worry about the world of industry background, we officially cut to the chase. WHAT? What is airgel? As nanomaterials nova – airgel (Aerogel), in the end it is exactly? First, we airgel different from conventional thinking in the \”glue\”, which is a solid form of matter density 3KG / m³, because of its low density, It is also called \”frozen smoke\” or \”blue smoke\”, he was awarded the Guinness Book of Records \”the world\’s lightest solid\” title. In 1931 it was first successfully SiO2 aerogels prepared by supercritical drying method of S.Kistler. Since the airgel is generally more than 80% of air, so there is very good thermal insulation effect, quite inch thick airgel 20-30 ordinary glass. Even on the airgel between Rose and flame, the Rose will remain intact. Aerogels in space exploration is also a variety of purposes, in the Russian \”Peace\” space station and the United States \”Mars Pathfinder\” probe has used this material. Science about airgel described here, only remember them significantly different from the pore structure in the micro and millimeter porous material fine nanostructures such low thermal conductivity material, having a great specific surface area. Light scattering sound than conventional porous material is much less, of these unique properties such that the material not only causes people interested in basic research, but also bears widely used in many fields scene. HOW? Airgel products What? What is the use? described earlier with various features of this airgel nano-materials, it can be made into what exactly? This article hopes from an objective point of view, combined with the progress of the relevant domestic and foreign enterprises, research institutions as we comb combing story of airgel products. About airgel products, can be divided into two parts, the first part for the application of products already have attributes of commodity circulation, the second part is cutting-edge research of great scientific value. Present aerogels include airgel particles: the above-described physical properties which makes purification airgel material itself noise insulation, water, gas adsorption aspects have outstanding advantages, can replace activated carbon as a consumable. Nanoporous airgel composite insulation materials: this is just a general term, understood as something of all places need efficient thermostat can lingua franca, as this material can be solid, liquid may be. Briefly, when such a composite insulating material is an airgel composite with a secondary substrate which, so that it has a high thermal insulation material performance. Industrial construction sector applications, the glass fiber mat composite airgel processed to make the airgel mat, such that its thermal conductivity is exponentially decreased; dailyItems in the area, and textile composite, such that the thermal insulation properties and a step. So in terms of airgel composite application products, Xiao Bian prefer to see it as an additive functionality. Currently, the new airgel applications mainly in the field of energy saving and environmental protection. Future products will be mainly applied in the following areas: ballistic Coating: The Correlation Test, applied on the metal sheet 6 mm thick layer of airgel, explosives directly bombed, the metal sheet can be divided without injury. Absorbing coating: absorb radar waves, to high-tech energy-storage device invisibility intense laser research airgel as the first application in the aerospace field of new materials, there are many wonderful features for future space applications, it is difficult to predict accurately its prospects, had to rely on the imagination of the industry and society, so that nanotechnology and new materials out of the lab, to realize its value. where? Application Description: Airgel series products use where? on an application referred to the airgel products, these products which can be seen in our daily lives, or is about to also see it? Material mysterious reason, because obviously there is a lot of material, but we the people are rarely perceived to. In the industrial field, electric power storage, petrochemical industry who need heat pipe or a portion of the furnace insulation need to use efficient insulating material , nanoporous airgel composite insulating material is preferred. Applications in the construction sector in building wall insulation, roof insulation floor, and airgel glass on the glass curtain wall. In the field of transportation, the nanoporous airgel composite insulation materials have been used in high-speed rail trains, the C919 aircraft, as well as new energy vehicles, mainly the point of application is thermal insulation means of transport, and the protection of new energy vehicles lithium batteries . Chain logistics and incubated in the home area, nanoporous airgel composites to replace traditional materials, as insulation, a substantial increase in insulation effect, increase the internal volume. In functional equipment, the use of airgel thin sandwich made out of airgel jacket and other outdoor products, with incomparable warmth, truly lighter, thinner, warmer!Compared with the traditional insulation materials, insulation effect nanoporous airgel composite insulating material is superior to the traditional insulation material 3 to 5 times, which means a good energy saving insulation effect; while reducing the thickness of the insulating material, of lower cost; since the material itself is non-toxic inorganic material safety and environmental protection, A1-level non-combustible, taking into account safety, long service life and environmental characteristics friendliness. ? WHO introduced the relevant research institutions: on international research work on airgel materials are mainly concentrated in the United States California Institute of Technology, University of Wuerzburg, Germany, BASF Corporation, USA Lorenz · Liverpool Livermore national laboratory, Sandia national laboratory, materials Research Center of Montpellier, France, Japan and so on High Energy Physics national laboratory. China mainly concentrated in the solid Boer Tongji University Physics Laboratory, National University of Defense Technology, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology. Currently, the ability to explore Chinese universities in the field of scientific research airgel professional level as well as Chinese enterprises in low-cost manufacturing airgel technology, are at the forefront of the world in the future there will be good business stand out, relying on technological innovation and cost leadership open the door to the global market. Who is to be the airgel in the field of Huawei, we\’ll see. FUTURE! How airgel market prospects? At present the main factors constraining growth of airgel market price, the high price prohibitive for many who try. Once the airgel material production costs decreased significantly, the market size will expand dramatically, product sales also expanded rapidly, and a revolutionary alternative to traditional insulation materials. Domestic market airgel industry started relatively late, pre-main foreign airgel products in the sales, marketing efforts also smaller in recent years, with the gradual increase in domestic airgel enterprises increased their strength, costs continue to decline, continue to scale expand again thanks to the rapid expansion of domestic energy conservation policy implementation and massing of the economy, the rapid development of the airgel industry into the channel. Airgel numerous applications, from aerospace industry on the tall ground gas to energy-saving building materials, from spacesuits to warm winter clothes, in the next five years, energy consumption in industrial buildings should be airgel industry revolution the main battlefield.