The chief advantages silica airgel coating make the building livable

Most of the existing buildings did not take insulation measures, energy efficiency indicators is not up to the higher energy consumption. Currently, the market is mainly used in the Building insulation materials EPS (polystyrene board), the XPS (extruded polystyrene board) and phenolic board, in general, an outer insulation structure, namely: insulation board with [123 ] mortar attached to the base wall, using mesh reinforce, flammable (class a fire rating in the following, fire performance difference), prone to failure (in wet ambient conditions, moisture-absorbent material results in a sharp decline in insulation effect), shedding (thermal expansion and contraction caused by the outer insulation board finishes off), defects such as complicated construction technology. To this end, to accelerate the exploration and superior performance to promote a new building insulation materials imperative. 中科科优二氧化硅气凝胶涂料让建筑更宜居 Aerogels is the world\’s lightest solid world is the minimum density, pore size of the order of nanometers solid. Paint industry development so far, classification more detailed, more targeted professional. The chief priority is the industry\’s leading functional nano-materials research and development, production, and service of high-tech enterprises. More than 300 inventions patented technology, which patents. 100 new patents each year. In Koko excellent R & D team has the world\’s leading technology nanofiber flexible high temperature insulation / insulation materials, nano-purification materials, waterproof and breathable nano materials, nano-catalytic materials. The coco-airgel composite coating is preferably nanometer nano airgel material to follow the development of the new developed varieties of paint, according to the difference of the specific requirements, can be divided into Insulation coatings, hydrophobic paint and other varieties, has a very broad application prospects. 1, preferably in Section insulation coating is a new type of insulation material, insulation is achieved by a coating of low thermal conductivity and high heat resistance. Airgel its most outstanding insulation properties, very fit together the technical requirements of thermal insulation coatings, both good thermal insulation effect, but also a thin film. Currently development and application of the developed countries in this regard has been more popular, whether it is the construction industry, or industrial piping, has a large number of applications. Unlike coatings emission type, the chief type insulation coating preferably has a high demand for heat insulation properties, not just infrared reflecting sunlight. 2, the hydrophobic coating is preferably in Section paint to improve the original, having a hydrophobicFunction, having a lotus effect, stains can be easily wiped, which mainly hydrophobic self-cleaning properties, respiratory breathable, elastic repair functions. Now almost all of the water-based paint have to add a hydrophobic agent to enhance the paint function in this regard. The coco preferably hydrophobic nano hydrophobic airgel material its high rate, an ideal material for coating a hydrophobic additive. Koko superior advantages of nano airgel materials used in coatings (both for thermal insulation coatings, hydrophobic or as an additive) environmental protection, wide application of eco-friendly construction is very simple and convenient. Repair and recovery simple, low maintenance costs. Similar brick insulation effect coating having a thickness of 1-1.5mm thickness 10-20mm insulation fibers or 50-100 mm thickness. Excellent fire retardant properties ,, no fire burning non-toxic smoke, fire retardant long time. Hydrophobic good, waterproof, prevent mildew. Coating from humidity, temperature and dew condensation. Scope of the chief advantages of nano airgel coating: the construction sector: walls, floors, roofs, attic insulation floor mildew: wood, cement, glass: high transmittance, low heat transfer metal structure: cold, storage compartment, workshop walls, roof color steel plant industrial equipment: cold, hot water pipes, oil and gas pipelines, petroleum products storage tanks chemical library, repository, container cave tunnel: wall waterproofing, mold, moisture, thermal insulation, self-cleaning air conditioning ducts train room, refrigerator, meteorological equipment