The definition of pipe insulation, performance benefits, life, protection, performance and application

Pipe insulation in industrial applications is very large, the need for some heat transport flows products, buried in the ground, thereby enabling stable transportation, and long service life. Because some people do not know the pipe insulation. Here, Yin collection network Xiaobian to tell you about the definition of pipe insulation, performance benefits, life, protection, performance and application. Definitions Thermal Insulation Buried Insulation is also called pre-insulated pipe in two ways: steel pipe insulation sleeve is plastic (HDPE Buried Insulation) and steel jacket insulation pipe (high temperature steam pipe insulation ). Plastic steel pipe insulation sleeve is made of high density polyethylene outer sleeve, the polyurethane foam insulation layer tightly bonded and an inner layer of insulation or steel work to add airgel insulation mat pressure polyurethane foam composite scheme. Steel jacket pipe insulation is applied by an outer protective steel pipe coating, polyurethane foam insulation made of steel composition and the working airgel insulation mat or applied pressure polyurethane foam composite scheme. 保温管道的定义、性能优点、使用寿命、保护措施、性能以及应用 Buried Insulation having a high thermal insulation, waterproof, corrosion, thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire-retardant, cold, corrosion, light capacity, high strength, simple and efficient construction, plant thorn afraid other excellent characteristics, has become a construction, transport, oil, chemical, electric power, and other industrial sectors refrigeration heat insulation, water sealing, sealing indispensable material. Buried insulating pipe insulation for indoor and outdoor pipes, central heating pipes, central air conditioning ducts, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial pipes, cold project, pipeline construction, transport and other steam pipeline project. The service life of insulated pipe Buried Insulation buried heat losses can be reduced more than 40% than the average of 0.6 to 1.2 m in the duct permafrost, improve the working life of insulation coating materials other than 3- more than 5 times, life can reach 30 – 50 years. Buried pipe insulation from the thirties of polyurethane synthetic materials since birth, has served as an excellent insulation material and rapid development, more and more extensive range of applications, but also because of its simple construction, energy-saving anti-corrosion effect is remarkable. Occupy all walks of life. protection of pipe insulation Buried Insulation Level corrosion of the steel casing should be determined according to the local soil corrosion level. When the level of corrosive soil buried insulating pipe soil is high, consideration should be given special anti-corrosion grade level to strengthen, when the soil is corrosive grade when, anti-corrosionGrade should be considered to strengthen the level, when the soil is low grade corrosive, anti-corrosion grade level should be considered ordinary. So be sure to find out the level of corrosion of pipelines laying period when the soil is designed to optimize corrosion level. Buried Insulation cathodic protection of metal corrosion process is a process for electrochemical protection. Buried insulating pipe with other preservation process is different, it is protected by applying a current to the metal body, so that the negative electrode potential shifts to protect the metal body, the metal lost by the tendency becomes atomic state ions spontaneously attitude, thus inhibit corrosion fundamentally. However, this process must be carried out in an electrolyte, and therefore is very suitable for underground pipes with cathodic protection. And cathodic protection of buried insulating pipe conduit itself complement each coating, the presence of coating can be greatly reduced consumed current cathodic protection, cathodic protection and can compensate for the lack of integrity in terms of coating, so that safety and economy to achieve the perfect combination, it is now recognized as the best anti-corrosion program. 保温管道的定义、性能优点、使用寿命、保护措施、性能以及应用 Buried Insulation is composed of steel, glass reinforced plastic sheath, fiberglass shell, a steel pipe and rigid polyurethane foam insulation of medium, high-density polyethylene outer sleeve tightly bonded, buried pipe insulation characteristics are as follows: 1, using a buried pipe insulation low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation properties of rigid polyurethane as a heat insulating material having excellent heat insulating property. Water 2, 130 ℃ normal operation after delivery to at least 40 kilometers, cooling only about 1 ℃. 3, using Buried Insulation corrosion resistance (HDPE: high-density polyethylene) outer sleeve, is not affected by the chemical and biological corrosion. 4, buried pipe insulation and highly resistant to corrosion resistance, without attached trench can be directly buried in the ground or water, simple and fast construction, and lower total cost. 5, at low temperatures also have good corrosion resistance and impact resistance, can be directly buried in permafrost. 6, CJ urban construction industry standard product implementation People\’s Republic of China / T114-2000 and CJ / T115-2001 standards. 7, to ensure Buried Insulation Trinity, the front surface of the expanded steel pipe, blasting treatment, a corona treatment surface of the plastic tube, wherein the predetermined level of rust GB / T8923-1998 in Sa2.5, the surface tension of the tube 50 within the housing dyne / cm.8, according to user needs can be provided DN20 – various pipe diameters and insulation thicknesses and matching tube (elbows, tees, reducers, fixing section, etc.) between DN1200. 9, Buried Insulation high density polyethylene material, supplemented with various additives antioxidants or the like, and raw materials and product quality rigorous testing to ensure the quality of products reach CJ / 114-2000 standards and buried pipe an outer protective tube technical requirements, improving the overall quality of the outer protective tube. Since the Application of Thermal Insulation polyurethane rigid polyurethane foam pipe insulation synthetic materials born in 1930s, has been used as an excellent insulation material obtained considerable development, which is more and more widespread application , but also because of its simple construction, and energy saving effect is remarkable corrosion are largely used for various kinds of pipes heating, cooling, oil, gas and the like. Particularly in the central heating system, mettle polyurethane foam pipe insulation, is favored by the many projects selected. Similarly, in the various categories of industry, polyurethane pipes and storage tanks are the material of choice. 1, central heating and cooling central heating and cooling system must have a very high efficiency can be hot and cold water distribution from a centralized source to residential, commercial or industrial users. As a result of optimizing the size of the plant, the energy is mainly used for pumping heat in the desired direction. Hot water or cooling medium is a standard used in the network, and the polyurethane insulation is to minimize energy efficiently delivered to the desired key location. 2, oil and natural gas to provide services to the oil and gas industry in all continents thousands of kilometers of pipeline. Onshore and offshore pipelines, platforms and tankers make up the complex network, form the basis of modern energy supply sector. Polyurethane insulation helps engineers optimize the efficient performance of the network, making it easier for them to make the whole supply chain efficiency to maintain the desired temperature. 3, industrial pipe pipes play a key role in the chemical and chemical plants in the park, it is widely used to efficiently transport fluid. These pipes can reduce heat energy loss, save pumping costs. Petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and mining industries are often equipped with polyurethane insulation of pipes. 4, cold chain liquefied natural gas is an extremely important source of energy, the amount is growing, but must be transported at low temperatures. In this area, the pipe is widely used in the polyurethaneAnd tank insulation. The definition of pipe insulation above, is set Yin Xiao Bian introduce you to the network, the performance advantages of life, protection, performance and application . After carefully reading this article, you should have on a comprehensive understanding of pipe insulation; insulated pipes for production and life brought a lot of convenience, to ensure the stability of production, is a very important equipment and facilities.