The development process of China\’s building insulation decorative board industry and trends

Building energy consumption is one of the \”big energy\” of the three, while the external wall insulation is one of the main ways to achieve today\’s building energy efficiency, in this situation, the state of the building\’s exterior wall technology higher and higher requirements, spawned many different materials, different configurations of wall insulation and practices insulation technology. With, of the finished product, the sheet and the direction of development of standardized insulation materials to the factory, born one board, and will be one of the main external insulation technology. 我国建筑保温装饰一体板行业发展历程及趋势 building insulation decorative board industry development process of China one board for more than ten years of history in the development of our country. Throughout the development of one of the board, has gone through four stages of development (see Figure 1). Industry Overview At present, East, North, South, Southwest and other regions have already begun to take shape production mechanization and automation, tagging operation, fine of one board production enterprises. According to industry statistics, the country more than 200 enterprises, about one board, mainly in Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Xinjiang and other provinces, including Shandong more than about 40, about 30 more than in Hebei, Jiangsu, more than about 20, Sichuan than about 20, about 20 more than in Xinjiang; by building green (energy-saving) policy and product technology advantages (relatively thin plaster system) driven, rapid industry growth in 2017, production and application is about more than 40 million square meters (data from the China Association of energy-saving insulation material). 我国建筑保温装饰一体板行业发展历程及趋势 Company Profile in the past for a long period of time, one board industry has been showing extensive development characteristics, resulting in multi-enterprise but less well-known brand, product homogeneity, lack of innovation and other issues. One board industry, SMEs account for more than half of the total, lack of product innovation and high cost of these enterprises become an obstacle to progress \”stumbling block.\” In recent years, under the impetus of relevant national policies, especially in mainstream business guide and promote, one board industry outlook increasingly uncertain, attracting a large number of enterprises in investment, industry sprung up to Ashley creation, and Taegu, Hughes especially, promise a long time, Booz source, Weierda, Grainger, Platt as the representative of the many outstanding enterprises; the same time, the rapid development of one of the board industry, has attracted many into the capital: capital, including state-owned China National building Material, Anhui Conch cement, Shaanxi construction, Gansu and other construction investment, including foreign investment the state legislature, Aksu, private capital, including Oriental Yuhong, three trees, painted the United states, Jiabao, Bade and so on. Large-scaleAnd a large number of enterprises to enter the capital for the development of the industry to inject new vitality to lead the industry toward large-scale and standardized development. More importantly, large enterprises with its strong capital and vision to support the board in one of the industry research and innovation, breakthroughs in technology bottlenecks and industry chain integration play an important role in boosting the development of the shackles of one board industry to solve the problem at its roots to obtain sustainable development. Building insulation decorative panels of industry characteristics includes a lead of advanced and – one board is interposed between the walls of a product category and the thin plaster systems, both the decorative effect of the walls, while having a thin plastering low cost advantages, and the product is factory pre-forming, superiority obviously, on behalf of exterior wall decoration development compared to the quality of thin plaster system direction. Market prospects for the better – the current development of the industry still in its infancy, the country\’s share is not high, but there is a big market space for development, especially in the energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, since the construction of high efficiency, less environmental pollution, with very good application prospects. Large enterprises to lead, small businesses to follow – the early development of the industry, Ashley creation, and Taegu, Fuster, the state legislature and other large enterprises to take the lead in the forward-looking vision of the industrial layout, led the development of the industry, and then into the small and medium enterprises to follow suit, rapid increase in the number of short-term one board production enterprises, and the formation of large enterprises to lead, followed by the small business sector phenomenon. 我国建筑保温装饰一体板行业发展历程及趋势 the overall positioning of the current state encourages energy-saving building insulation material to the direction of multi-functional composite insulation materials, insulation and decorative integration of both materials is one of the external walls of the future direction of the industry a huge room for growth. development trend of building insulation decorative board industry First, the need to meet energy efficiency standards. The current building energy-saving technology has become the focus of one of the world\’s technological development of construction, China has listed the building energy efficiency within macro-development plans, and issued a series of policies and regulations, the full implementation of the mandatory building energy efficiency. One board not only a good thermal insulation effect, while the application of new materials also make a variety of good properties, such as decorative, fire resistance, water permeability, etc., so the application of one of the plates effectively promote traditional exterior insulation technological innovations. Second, the assembly building to satisfy the need. Building industrialization and urbanization require active promotion of the assembly building. Since September 27, 2016, the State Council issued \”onAfter vigorously develop guidance fabricated building \”and fabricated building officially rose to national strategic level. Assembly degree of external walls is one of the key indicators for assessing the level of industrialization of the building, one of the prefabricated panels made by the factory, transported to the construction site for assembly, is a new type of prefabricated building parts, which substantially improved our application architecture assembly level. Third, to meet the diverse needs of architectural decoration. With the improving quality of life, public building decoration have more individual needs, with one board type and style constantly enrich, with their own unique advantages to meet the needs of different decorative style architecture, modeling and solving specific problems. The face of good market prospects and does not regulate the status of the industry, in order to be able to create Ashley, led by large-scale integrated board production enterprises adhere to take the high road, and strictly control product quality standards and avoid falling into the low-price competition. At the same time, there are more socially responsible large companies ready to join the whole board industry, leading the whole board industry to scale, standardized, high-end, diversified direction. Besides increasing the aspect of product quality, performance and security, it is expected into the industry\’s future will be more aesthetic design elements to meet the public pursuit of architectural decoration personalized. 2018 Minutes of 2018, the China Association of energy-saving insulation material one board branch formally established as a company from scattered to the common development of landmark event in one board industry from disorder to order. Since its inception, one of the board branch actively mobilize resources to carry out the work of member services and various activities, work in the industry has achieved initial success: in April 2018, China Association of energy-saving insulation material of the seventh president will be the first time Research Institute decided to set up subsidiary bodies, \”one board Branch\”, and the right to select the China Building Materials industry planning is responsible for \”one board branch\” of the relevant preparatory work. June 2018, China Association of energy-saving insulation material one board branch inaugural meeting was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, one of dozens of the leaders on the board of the club was established, industry conditions, and other corporate demands put forward practical ideas and suggestions through effective consultation and voting, eventually gave rise to one person in charge of the first branch board member of the Council to the first session of the governing Council. August 2018, in the branch executive president Ashley unit can record the contractor, the next president of one of the secondary board branch office will be held in Chuzhou, Anhui, vice president and representative of one of the club\’s board of nearly 40 people attended the president\’s office . From 2018 In May, one of the board branch preparatory group embarked on micro-channel public number of pre-planning work with the site domain name applications and so on, in August 2018, \”one board branch of the\” micro-channel public number formally launched. From 2018 to start the third period, sponsored by the China Association of energy-saving insulation materials \”Chinese insulation industry\” journal, added a \”one board branch\” Topics, one board branch through the window industry, focused branch of the reported information and information. July 2018 to September, one board branch in Hebei male male Ann Ann held New \”Second PBE fabricated building site and wisdom Equipment Exhibition and the Second Exhibition building energy efficiency and green building materials,\” one board sub-exhibition . Nippon, Usk, Grainger, Hebei and Zhejiang Jiang Zhenshen Minolta and other enterprises to actively participate. August 2018, initiated by one board branch, \”application of technical regulations insulation system decorative exterior finishes calcium silicate board\” China Building Materials Industry Planning editor included in the 2018 second batch Association standards development, revision plan . December 2018, one of the industry\’s annual board branch will be held in Jinan, Shandong. One board member of Council representatives of more than 50 people attended the meeting. Delegates development and issues surrounding China\’s building insulation decorative board industry, carried out extensive exchanges and discussions. First, establish a work plan for 2019 Convention on industry self-regulation, set rigid conditions and standards, the product division level, the establishment of qualified suppliers, to build healthy development of the whole industry chain plate. The second is the official launch, launched the preparation of \”calcium silicate board finishes facades application of technical regulations Exterior Insulation Finish Systems.\” The third is to continue in-depth industry research, study, found that industry pain points and difficult. Research on how better regulate the industry, and how to guide the development of one board products. The fourth is to strengthen the promotion of one board product, promotion, full use of various media, large-scale exhibitions, forums and other platforms, and actively guide the industry to expand the application market, better serve the community. Fifth, to explore cooperation with the branch of universities, research institutions, testing organizations, to carry out the training industry. Sixth, held the second national one board coating technology and the application of innovative industry conference.