The first time the silicon-modified PDMS physical / chemical properties of aerogels lifting

Silica airgel as a micro-nano porous material, having a cutting structure, diversity, economic advantages, and thus has wide application in the manufacture of super-hydrophobic surface layer aspects. In recent years, people use a silica airgel prepared superhydrophobic film can be widely used in the textile, glass, metal, broadens the utility of the silica airgel, but there are few reports on silica lifting machinery performance. And, polydimethyl siloxane (PDMS) to enhance the mechanical properties of aerogels, while enhancing its micro-nano structures to enhance the hydrophobic film layer, it has not been reported. 首次实现PDMS改性硅气凝胶物理/化学性能提升 Such PDMS modified silica airgel layer, the fabric to obtain good mechanical and chemical durability of the film while increasing the roughness of the silica airgel, thereby further strengthening the membrane super-hydrophobic layer. According to Yin set Xiaobian understood that this is the first time PDMS modified silica airgel enhance physical / chemical properties, while enhancing the roughness of the micro-nano silica airgel mesoporous structure, thereby achieving super-hydrophobic properties improve. The method of application of this multifunctional superhydrophobic obtained fabric, with strong practicability, stain can be achieved, self-cleaning, water-oil mixture, and water-oil separation of the emulsion, but this is the first time the fabric load PDMS modified silica airgel implemented water-oil emulsions efficient separation.