The introduction of the views of Nobel Prize winner for a school

China Time 2020 April 17 and 18, many Chinese media (and a little English, French media) coverage of French scientists discovered HIV, the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Prize winner Luc Montagnier yeah (Luc Montagnier) public It claims the new crown with the HIV virus nucleic acid sequences, the new crown spread of the virus is caused by leakage of Chinese Academy of Sciences Wuhan Institute of Virology, saying he had \”Chinese laboratory by major funding from the United States, perhaps even technical assistance.\” So he not only accused China Wuhan Institute of Virology, also accused the United States of America. To the identity of Nobel Laureate Montagnier, not only it is the virology virology expert and leading scholars, claiming that the new crown viral nucleic acid sequences and new sources crown with HIV virus, has a strong deceptive. The new crown HIV virus-free sequence, many scientists have been publicly explained. Montagnier and a title he had any Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University. He said, \”I have many Chinese friends, a few weeks before the outbreak of the epidemic in China.\” This sentence may not be wrong. However, he did confess that he had been severely criticized France and the world scientific community, he has lost the basic standards, for many years engaged in pseudo-science. He does not necessarily know that there are severe criticism of his criticism Shanghai to introduce some of his scientists in China. In 2010, Shanghai Jiaotong University proposed the introduction of Montagnier, but wants the state to introduce support (including funding of more than three hundred million). There are two national assessment, the Commission first round of Chinese Academy of Biomedical composition, opinion is agreed. But national authorities do not always consider the level of China, judgment, highest reliability in the Faculty of Health or the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, it is the second round of the national level review. February 16, 2011, my review comments are summarized below (for inviting us to participate in agency review, we did not say they need confidentiality own opinion): \”First, the introduction of comprehensive views of Professor Luc Montagnier of Shanghai Jiaotong University • in recent years, increased research funding for the construction of scientific research team, strengthen innovation, is an excellent opportunity. we should actively introduce world-class talent. However, we must take a critical time of the introduction of talent, in accordance with the laws of science, all in order to promote scientific practical development. from the perspective of domestic institutions can not do flower action from the international point of view, we can not allow opportunists drillLoopholes, it is not responsible for our funds. Montagnier French scientists have found in the HIV virus, made pioneering work, made a great contribution to mankind, and this is the reason he won the Nobel Prize. However, the scientific consensus on him was: in recent years, if he was not doing pseudo-science, then, can be said to have slid to the edge of pseudo-science. The history of science is not the first time such a sad case (famous scientist fall into pseudo-science). Shanghai Jiao Tong University to introduce him, it is not enough to responsible behavior. …… China can certainly innovative, National Chiao Tung University to support new things of course, but must be able to prove first National Chiao Tung University National Chiao Tung University believe Montagnier Why not pseudo-science, rather than using the Nobel Prize Mongolia country. Montagnier may allow the introduction of National Chiao Tung University to become an international joke, and even China shame, I think that no one can know the Chinese low-energy. We should be bold and creative talents to support rigorous, but can not support pseudo-science. National Chiao Tung University in this process, very carefully, but also to the media to promote their introduction of a Nobel Prize winner, the mistakes as honorable, knowledgeable cause resentment at home and abroad who have caused some adverse effects. We should avoid expanding, and to consider measures to restore influence. \”\” Second, the state\’s key support for the introduction of the views of Shanghai Jiaotong University Professor Luc Montagnier • Shanghai Jiaotong University has the introduction of talent autonomy. Whether to become an international joke, National Chiao Tung University should bear the responsibility. However, the State can not support, to avoid waste of State funds, to avoid the country into disrepute. National Chiao Tung University that \”Montagnier Biomedical Research Center,\” the \”formation of a research team of 6-10 and chief scientist of about 30 researchers representing.\” But its main scientists listed, there are several problems: first … second … third … fourth … If Montagnier is the banner of National Chiao Tung University, apply for financial support in place … and other full-time professors, this will be professional very different people arbitrarily arranged into a center right. The center is not a cross-disciplinary center, but in the core of the AIDS Center ( \”striving to become within a few years an internationally renowned virus (especially HIV) class research institution research\”), not what people go in Minato cooperation, they can not participate do AIDS. If they participate, their professional background is not strong enough, can not support. They do their own specialty is the right way. The state should not invest a penny irresponsible project. States may consider shouldNational Chiao Tung University there is such a major mistake accountability: 1, National Chiao Tung University leadership either does not understand, and do not understand it, do not know consultants, mistakes, mistakes that incompetent, 2 or National Chiao Tung University academic leaders know Montagnier recently not, but also attempted to Mongolia country, then the country is to deceive mistakes. Two kinds of mistakes will be one. Experts Signature: Rao filling Date: February 16, 2011 \”In 2011, the State accepted the views of our second criticism of the trial, no Montagnier\’s\” provide any support (from the name of the capital) to introduce. \” However, Shanghai Jiaotong University to continue to \”import\” the man was already do not fly. perhaps that might coax owned and counterfeit drugs on the crown during the new virus is like, that does not matter. in fact, the fake is a fake, it is is likely to have side effects, only a matter of time occasions. 对某校引进诺贝尔奖得主的意见 对某校引进诺贝尔奖得主的意见