The liquid crystal graphene research on the New Development

The whole stone high Tsinghua TF source in Shanghai Institute of small angle X-ray scattering beamlines support the significant progress in the graphene art liquid crystal eligible study. Graphene oxide has been successfully used for high-strength fibers and films prepared graphene. Normal size graphene oxide, forming the nematic liquid crystal requires a high concentration of highly oriented, but is not suitable for high concentration of low density airgel graphene. Therefore developed a new method enables the graphene oxide crystal is formed at a low concentration prepared graphene alignment is the crux of the problem airgel. The researchers added to a solution of oxidized graphene alkali, induce graphene oxide forming the nematic liquid crystal highly oriented at a lower concentration, and then research and Small angle X-ray scattering image change graphene oxide solution before and after the alkali, it was confirmed base-induced more ordered liquid crystal graphene oxide. Researchers alkali graphene oxide crystal induced hydrothermal reduction and freeze-dried to prepare a graphene airgel. Observation through a scanning electron microscope, which inherited the graphene airgel highly oriented crystal structure of the graphene oxide, like wood exhibit highly oriented concentric ring-like structure. This orientation structure while also gives better compression resilience airgel, the airgel may be applied such that the strain sensors.