The main purpose and the physical properties of the airgel mat

airgel mat is the silica Aerogels as the host material, and the reinforcing fibers in the composite, such as glass fiber, pre-oxidized fibers, through a special process of a flexible synthetic insulating material . Airgel felt a soft ﹑ ﹑ easy to cut small density, hydrophobic inorganic fire ﹑ whole, environmental protection and other features. Airgel mat mainly for industrial pipelines ﹑ storage tanks, industrial furnace, power plants, saving space, ships bulkheads, EMU, buried pipes, injection molding machines, removable insulation jacket, heavy oil recovery temperature steam pipes, transportation field, household appliances, steel, nonferrous metals, glass, etc. insulation . 气凝胶毡的主要用途及物理性能 The physical properties of the airgel mat 1 airgel mat, the airgel mat Packing: roll; 2, thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm; 3, width: 910mm, 1500mm; 4 , airgel mat density: 180 ~ 220kg / m³; 5, airgel mat suitable temperature: -200 ℃ – + 1000 ℃ (associated with type); 6, hydrophobicity: absolute hydrophobic (or less 350 ℃); 7 , airgel mat thermal conductivity: 0.012 – 0.018w / m · k (when 25 ℃).