The most complete history of great knowledge carbon materials ③ Summary

. eight, fourth generation carbon material – new carbon materials 01 fullerene 史上最全的炭材料知识大汇总③ Properties: linear and nonlinear optical properties, an alkali metal fullerenes and other applications of superconductivity: nonlinear optical device, the optical conductor, a superconducting material, skin care products, organic solar cells, catalysts, anti-cancer drugs, the CVD diamond film, high strength carbon fibers, high-energy particle bombardment 02 nanotube 史上最全的炭材料知识大汇总③ properties: high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, high elastic modulus, high tensile strength and other applications: nanocomposites, new energy sources, sensors, supercapacitors, field emission tube [123 .] graphene 03 properties: unusual conductivity, low resistivity and low speed fast electron transfer, the number of times exceeds the steel strength and excellent light-transmitting applications: optoelectronic displays, semiconductors, a touch screen, the electronic device, storage batteries, displays, sensors, aerospace, military, composite materials, biomedical fields 史上最全的炭材料知识大汇总③ 04 carbon nano-onion properties: high hardness application: the metal nano-diamond composite coating, nano-diamond polishing liquid nanodiamond – polymer composites, lubricating, sintered, magnetic recording system, Medicine 史上最全的炭材料知识大汇总③ 05 carbon encapsulated metal nanoparticles [123 ] performance: avoid the environmental impact of nano metal material; improved compatibility between the application field of certain metal organism: a magnetic recording material, a lithium ion secondary battery negative electrode material, a radio wave shielding material, a redox catalyst, nuclear waste disposal materials, fine ceramics materials and antimicrobial materials 06. carbon airgel 史上最全的炭材料知识大汇总③ in 2013, Zhejiang University scientists have developed a lightweight material, this is called \”full carbon airgel \”solid material density of only 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter is one-sixth the density of air, and so far the world\’s lightest material. Properties: high flexibility, strong adsorption applications: desalination, phase changeInsulation materials, the catalytic support, the composite sound absorbing material, and efficient