The most promising new materials

Say who is the most promising new materials, Xiao Bian also not allowed to draw these words, because different applications-oriented, so here only to introduce 20 new materials in the future the most promising, so we guarantee satisfy curiosity. Characteristics and development direction 20 will New Material inventory your most potential graphene, black phosphorus, 3D printing, materials, quantum dots, or the like flexible glass. 1, graphene Features: unusual conductivity, low and very low resistivity extremely fast electron transfer rate, the number of times exceeds the strength of steel, and excellent translucency. Direction: the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics has created in recent years, technology and capital markets graphene hot, the next five years, graphene will be optoelectronic, semiconductor, touch screen, electronic devices, storage batteries, displays, sensors, semiconductor, aerospace , military, composite materials, bio-medicine and other fields show explosive growth. 最有前景的新型材料 Features: conventional materials do not have the physical properties, such as permeability negative, a negative dielectric constant. Direction: to change the traditional concept of processing carried out in accordance with the nature of the material, the future can be designed according to the characteristics of the material required, unlimited potential, revolutionary. 最有前景的新型材料 Features: the traditional method of changing the machining industry and can quickly implement a complex structure molded like. Direction: revolutionary molding method, the complex structure prototyping and rapid processing molding field, there is a great prospect. 4, a flexible glass Features: change the traditional glass rigid, brittle characteristics, realization of a flexible glass revolutionize innovation. Development direction: the future of flexible displays, folding equipment in the field, great prospects. 5, the superconducting material Features: the superconducting state, zero-resistance materials, no current loss material exhibits a diamagnetic and the like in a magnetic field. Development direction: the future as a breakthrough high-temperature superconducting technology, is expected to solve power transmission loss, fever and other problems of electronic devices, as well as new green transport magnetic suspension technology. 6, carbon fibers Features: lightweight, high strength, high modulus, chemical resistance (resistance to organic solvents, acids, bases, non-swelling), small thermal expansion coefficient and high strength. Direction: product performance tend to be high performance, prices will continue to reduce the field of aerospace and stationery steady increase in the amount of civilian industrial use will grow rapidly and so on. 7, the liquid metal Features: high strength and toughness, excellent magnetic permeability and low magnetic loss, is excellent in flowability liquid. Development: In a high frequency low loss transformer, the mobile terminal device structures and the like. 8, the shape memory alloy Characteristics: After the preform, after the forced deformation by the external conditions, and then treated by certain conditions, returns to its original shape, design and application to achieve reversible deformation of the material. Direction: In the field of space technology, medical equipment, machinery and electronic equipment, has great potential. 最有前景的新型材料 Features: natural degradation, raw materials derived from renewable resources, to change the traditional plastic reliance on oil, gas, coal and other fossil resources, reducing environmental pollution. Direction: future alternative to traditional plastics, has huge prospects. 10, intraocular lens Features: one kind of collagen is made of a soft elastic polymer material for medical gels, implanted in the eye, abnormal visual acuity. Direction: a water-insoluble, high chemical inertness, high stability, non-carcinogenic effect, high biocompatibility, well tolerated, stable elastic strength, no swelling and the like. 11, the foam metal Features: light weight, low density, high porosity, large surface area. Direction: an electrically conductive, inorganic nonmetallic materials can alternatively conductive applications; has great potential in the field of noise reduction. 12, the ionic liquid Features: high thermal stability, wide temperature range of a liquid, pH adjusted, polar, complexing ability. Direction: has broad application prospects in the field of green chemistry, and biology and catalysis. 13 embedded fullerene Features: The ion bombardment embedded fullerene C60 was prepared, isolated and purified (extremely difficult) from another mixture of fullerenes. Direction: In the medical anti-HIV, activity inhibition, cutting DNA, photodynamic therapy, anti-oxidation, beauty make-up and other fields have broad application prospects. 14, black phosphorus Characteristics: black phosphorus compared with graphene having an energy gap, making it easier to detect light, which is the energy gap may be stacked on a silicon substrate by black phosphorus adjustment layers do , so that it can absorb visible light range and communications, infrared wavelength range. Black phosphorus is a direct bandgap(Direct-band) of the semiconductor, electrons can also be converted into an optical signal. Direction: broad prospect in the future transistors, sensors, solar cells, a switch, a battery electrodes. 15, aerogels Features: high porosity, low density light weight, low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation properties. Direction: great potential of new materials, there is great potential in the field of energy saving and environmental protection, thermal insulation electronic appliances, and construction. 16, the quantum dots Features: semiconductor crystal size of about 2 ~ 20nm, and consists of a few atoms, activity is limited to within a limited range, the loss of the original semiconductor characteristics. Internal structure, different sizes, emit light, quantum dot size sufficiently precise, bright red, green and blue light can be emitted (adjustable color), to more precisely control the color displayed in different colors. Direction: future medical (opaque markers, genomics, drug screening, etc.), semiconductor devices (electronic devices, memory, etc.), display lighting, and other fields great prospects. 17 nanodots perovskite Features: nano-dots have a giant magnetoresistive perovskite, high ionic conductivity, oxygen precipitates and catalytic reduction and the like. Direction: the future with great potential in catalysis, storage, sensors, light absorption and other fields. 18, self-assembly (self-healing) Material Breakthrough: molecularly self-assembling material, the material itself to achieve \”intelligent\”, changing the conventional method for preparing a material, the material itself spontaneously to achieve a certain shape and configuration. Direction: change the traditional repair methods and materials preparation materials, has a great future prospects in the field of molecular devices, surface engineering, nanotechnology. 19, a magnetic (electric) a fluid material Features: a liquid state, the magnetic material of both solid and liquid fluidity, having a conventional magnetic bulk materials do not have the features and applications. Direction: applied magnetic seal, magnetic refrigeration, heat pump magnetic field, to change the traditional hermetic refrigerant like. 20, a carbon nanotube Features: high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, high elastic modulus, high tensile strength and the like. Direction: the function of the device electrodes, catalyst supports, sensors and the like. 最有前景的新型材料 scientific and technological progress soon, a few days ago announced the Huawei in stoneWe made progress on graphene battery, and will be applied to your phone. So we humans will not only meet the immediate breakthrough on the material. I believe in the future, there will be more and more promising new material waiting for us to develop. The above is a summary of the most promising new materials collected summarize for everyone, if you have other good suggestions can leave a message at the bottom oh.