The new aerogels win time to escape a fire

Reporters learned from the China University of Science and Technology, professor at the school Yushu Hong Task Force chitosan as a three-dimensional soft template, developed a preparation phenolic resin and a new method silica composite materials, we have successfully developed double network structure phenol resin / silica composite aerogels materials. The lightweight porous material, fire insulation and flame erosion resistance characteristics. March 12 research papers published in the \”German Applied Chemistry.\” Airgel composite researchers developed a dual network structure, a porous structure having a dendritic microstructure, the size of the fibers is less than 20 nm, and the two components are each a continuous network, organic, inorganic components uniformly dispersed at the nanometer scale. Researchers regulated by adding an amount of the silicon source, the physical parameters can be regulated airgel composite density, inorganic content, mechanical strength, etc., thereby enhancing the mechanical stability of the structure. Such airgel composite can withstand compression of 60%, without rupture, good mechanical strength and workability; between the two components of the airgel having a strong interaction, in collaboration with its porosity, resulting in a good insulation effects, not only superior to the traditional commercial polystyrene foam, mineral wool and other industrial materials, and at low temperature and low humidity environment can maintain good thermal insulation . Further, this unique dual network structure further gives excellent fire retardant and flame-resistant airgel erosion performance.