The new high-performance insulation materials for customized management of successful trial production climate

Jointly launched the first customer and partner projects SLETITE– polyurethane Aerogels BASF\’s new high-performance insulation and durable sheet material manufactured SLENTITE are actively preparing for the listing. June 2015 Pilot device small batch production, after the innovative polyurethane airgel production technology upgrade to a new level. March 2016, SLENTITE for the first time in the application of project partners in appearance, in Nuremberg, Germany Europe\’s largest trade show windows, doors and curtain wall Frontale, Beck + Heun two new products demonstrates SLENTITE applications possible. Providing customized energy-saving building climate management SLENTITE brought new possibilities for the design and construction areas: durable polyurethane sheet such innovative airgel material has excellent insulation performance. Thanks to its open cell structure, this material can adjust the humidity, creating a pleasant indoor climate: the use of new high-performance insulation materials customized to achieve climate management. SLENTITE is the future of efficient thermal insulation materials are the key features optimized combination, not only for new construction, but also for energy-saving renovation of existing buildings. It may be inserted between the window frame and the masonry, so that more energy efficient window appearance. Regardless of the material used window frame, such as a polyurethane can airgel insulation wall and a wedge mounted between indoor and outdoor windows. Dr. Marc Fricke BASF Polyurethanes SLENTITE project manager, said: \”Now we can eliminate insulation weak link building envelope, preventing damage to buildings, and improve indoor comfort.\” Build tomorrow: to provide excellent every building for the future thermal performance of architects, designers and customers are constantly exploring innovative materials, to improve the building insulation thermal efficiency, while providing space for creativity. At the same time, these materials must also achieve a modern building strict criteria in terms of sustainability, resource efficiency and indoor environment and the like. SLENTITE improved overall product performance. SLENTITE marketing director responsible for market release in the construction industry Jesper Bjerregaard firmly believe that this new productTo be successful:. \”With the new high-performance insulation materials, we are able to offer a range of solutions for future challenges for the construction sector to market innovative technologies, new materials, in particular sustainable solutions for residential interior has a very great demand .SLENTITE can help us to meet the requirements of these forward-looking type buildings and infrastructure. \”