The new Nature paper crown virus just on the line, the picture being questioned on suspicion of fraud, fabricated data

Since the new crown pneumonia outbreak, many scientists protest into battle, scientific research constantly, as of May 11, only bioRxiv and medRxiv These two preprints platform is on the line [ 123] new crown over 3200 research papers . In addition to numerous preprint paper has not been peer-reviewed, as time progresses, many excellent new crown research began officially on academic journals, only people on board CNS and and four medical Journal new crown dozens of research papers has already reached as much. However, in a blowout of the research results at the same time, we should not overlook the uneven quality of research has also led to a lot of loose even quite misleading conclusions. bursts Science, Nature\’s top paper 2020

May 6 , Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Medical Laboratory Animal Institute Qin Chuan [123 ] team and other team in the top international academic journals Science published a report entitled the magazine: Rapid development of an inactivated vaccine candidate for SARS-CoV-2 research papers, the study had 2020 April 20 released in advance on the preprint bioRxiv.

This is 刚上线的新冠病毒Nature论文,被质疑涉嫌图片造假、捏造数据 the first experimental animal vaccine research results publicly reported new crown

, the results show that the candidate vaccine in rhesus monkeys have security, based on the results of these studies, the research team formally launched the new crown vaccine clinical research stage ⅰ, the first batch of volunteers have successfully enrolled and completed the first dose of vaccine. May 7 after day, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Medical Laboratory Animal Institute Qin Chuan team in top international academic journals Nature [ 123] magazine published an article entitled: The pathogenicity of SARS-CoVResearch papers -2 in hACE2transgenic mice in the study had 2020 February 28 posted in advance on the preprint bioRxiv. used in this study niikappu virus (SARS-CoV-2) infection hACE2 transgenic mice, 刚上线的新冠病毒Nature论文,被质疑涉嫌图片造假、捏造数据 studied the new crown pathogenic virus . Provided important assistance to understand the new crown pneumonia (COVID-19) the development of drugs and vaccines and related research and development. speed of light has been questioned

However, the line on the paper less than five days, the famous scientific research crackdown persons Elizabeth Peck (Elisabeth Bik) pointed out that scientific exchange website pubpeer, which article just on the line

Nature image problem exists paper in FIG. 1A image of the different treatment groups actually exists FIGS overlap (the blue box). Subsequently, Twitter users pointed out, the paper of FIG. 1 are also many problems, FIG. 1B, 1C outliers are identical in each group, FIG. 1E outliers is completely symmetrical. 刚上线的新冠病毒Nature论文,被质疑涉嫌图片造假、捏造数据 At present, the paper 刚上线的新冠病毒Nature论文,被质疑涉嫌图片造假、捏造数据 刚上线的新冠病毒Nature论文,被质疑涉嫌图片造假、捏造数据 Nature 刚上线的新冠病毒Nature论文,被质疑涉嫌图片造假、捏造数据 only on line five days, Google Scholar displays the paper has been cited other papers cited nine times, the paper more in the Nature website viewed 16000, the impact can be very big. Newsletters crown pneumonia, a number of related scientific research, in order to let more people learn faster progress in related research, many scientists will preprint papers in advance on the line, leading to preprint papers blowout during the epidemic, so there have been many quality levels missing papers. However, as a top academic journals Nature , the paper on the line so much as obvious problems, not to mention or study new outbreaks of crown design, which compelled people to think deeply. Papers link: