The principle of thermal insulation coatings, performance, classification is summarized

Insulation coating to self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion forming composition, of SiO2 aerogels, hollow glass beads, potassium titanate whisker as a filler, prepared by in cooperation more accessory ingredients. Coating with a thin layer of construction, nanoporous insulation, fire safety, environmental protection and energy saving, cost-effective superior advantage, then the following set of network Yin small as we explain principle of thermal insulation coatings, performance, classification, and inspection methods application effect of . 隔热保温涂料的隔热原理、性能、分类等内容归纳 principles of thermal insulation coating of heat conduction from the high temperature zone is always transmitted to the lower temperature, the heat-conducting solid heat conduction, air convection heat conduction, radiant heat in three ways. Features insulation coatings are: capable of above three pathways for effective heat barrier or shield. In the coating component, heat plays a key role in the nano-SiO2 aerogels, followed by potassium hexatitanate whiskers and hollow glass microspheres. Nano SiO2 airgel is a very good thermal insulation properties of lightweight amorphous nanoporous solid insulation material, having a porosity as high as 80% to 99%, a typical hole size of 2 ~ 50nm, the average pore size of 20 nm, a specific surface area of 600 ~ 1000m2 / g, an apparent density of 0.003 ~ 0.35g / cm3, the thermal conductivity at room temperature can be as low as 0.013W / (m • k), even at high temperature 800 ℃, the thermal conductivity is only 0.043W / (m • k), and does not decompose at a high temperature, no harmful gas evolution, pure green material, which disadvantage is the low strength, brittle, difficult to use alone. The nano-SiO2 airgel and hollow glass microspheres and aluminum silicate fiber compounded in crosslinking the elastomeric film material, can greatly improve the mechanical properties of the coating. After 隔热保温涂料的隔热原理、性能、分类等内容归纳 acceptance insulation coating method of In many buildings, we often use the insulation coatings, insulation coating so how acceptance of it? First, we operate in the implementation of the insulation should carefully check whether there is a job defect, including repair scaffold fixed points there is no trace, no sealing points are sealed in place, the wall is smooth, there is no color in the overall sense. 1, processing of the base layer, to see whether the design and construction process requirements; 2, using the slurry. Mass building wall blocks, wall insulation material, such as sheet metal checks to see if the appropriate requirements, need to consider insulation material plateMaterial density, compressive strength, thermal conductivity, coefficient of thermal softening slurry, setting time, compressive strength and thermal conductivity, the adhesive strength of the adhesive material; 3, when the main body structure and the base layer quality work, there is no irregular effect, not fully waterproof protective surface layer, the base layer has not reached the cracking characteristics. 隔热保温涂料的隔热原理、性能、分类等内容归纳 Yin upper set Xiaobian principles of thermal insulation coating for you on the , properties, classification, inspection method and application. People in the decoration of choice for demanding paint, and now also a variety of coatings, insulation coating is one of many paint, because the special nature and practicality of such coatings, so many of my friends are very fond of, more than more knowledge can help you a deeper understanding of thermal insulation coatings.